X-Vibe Cheating Device with Micro Vibrations for Discrete Communication

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Discrete communication device with micro vibrations without need have earpiece inside ear. It can be successfully used for multiple-choice exams, where you have to choose the correct answer(s). With this small device you can get the correct answers through small vibrations that you will feel on your skin(They are NOT heard outside!). Without having to put a earpiece in your ear!


Unique system in the world, manufactured in Taiwan, developed in 3 years of hard work and after 18 years of experience in the field of discreet communication systems! Device of superior quality to those produced in China. With this device you won’t go wrong guaranteed!


X-Vibe Cheating Device NEW 2023

The X-Vibe Cheating Device has 5 small sensors (ABCDE) that will have to be placed on the skin, in different positions on the body. Each body position will represent one of the 5 letters. The person helping you has an application installed on the computer (Laptop/PC) where he will select the correct variant/variants (Example: AC, BDE, BCDE) and with the “Send” button he will send the correct answer to the device.

Thus, the corresponding areas will start emitting microvibrations that only you will feel on your skin (NOTHING can be heard outside!) You can customize: the intensity of the vibration, how long a vibration lasts for one letter and the pause time between two letters ( vibrations).

X-Vibe Cheating Device needs a WiFi

The X-Vib Cheating Device needs a wifi network(internet access). You can use your own phone with Personal Hotspot Function for share internet conexion to the device. Or can use a mini WiFi Box 4G Router(Example: HUAWEI Mobile WiFi 3s E5576 – you can use any similar device, not only this).

Thus, the device having access to the Internet, the person who has the application and who will send you the answers, can be anywhere in the world, even in another country. From the moment the “Send” button is pressed in the application, the answers will reach the device in 0.1 seconds, regardless of the distance (even if your helper is 15 000 km away from the device)!

How does the person helping you see the questions?

So that the person who is going to help you can see the questions, you also need a mini video camera that broadcasts live in real time. The mini video camera will connect to the same WiFi network that you made for the X-Vibe Cheating Device. Thus, your helper will receive images in real time with the questions, even if he is at a great distance from you. The images will be received in an application (different from the one for the microvibration device) installed on the Laptop/PC/Mobile Devices. You can find more details here: cheating camera for exam

Package Content

  • X-Vibe Cheating Device with 5 Vibration Senzors
  • MicroUSB Power Cable
  • Quick Start Guide – Video Included! 
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