Mini Button Camera To Cheat On Exam PX-500 Pro Xtreme

Original price was: 550 €.Current price is: 500 €.

The PX-500 Pro Xtreme is the best video camera for cheating on exams that transmits LIVE HD quality images with your topics without the need for your help who whispers you the answers to be near the building where the exam is taken – the camera transmits LIVE to thousands of kilometres in just 1-3 sec. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials used, the size has considerably reduced both in case of the image processing unit and of the video camera from the button.

The PX-500 Pro Xtreme is part of the 2018 Professional range of products that are used for very important exams.

PX-500 uses Deprecated Technology -is Old model! Ceck new model here:

i-Cheat 4K cheating Camera



This system is extremely powerful because it uses state-of-the-art technologies and only the best quality materials. Compared to the PX-300 model launched in late 2017, this new model released in 2018 is much smaller. The sizes of both the image processing unit and of the video camera from the button have been considerably reduced, and although the dimensions have diminished, performance has increased due to the use of the latest-ever electronic components that are becoming smaller and smarter. Due to the small size it can easily hide under the clothes even in the summer when it’s warm outside and you’re dressed thin.

     This cheating on exam system is ideal for use in major exams and where the supervisors’ degree of exigency is high (where there are 2 to 3 supervisors in the exam room).

It is very easy to use, you just have to start the system before entering the examination room. The camera will turn on and enter stand-by. Your friend who is waiting for the topics at home and who is going to give you the answers will connect to the camera with the help of an application that is installed on any laptop, desktop PC, phone or tablet. During the exam you do not have to do anything – with the help of the application your friend from home can take pictures or record a movie, you do not have to press on any button for all this. The program is an ordinary one, it is installed in the beginning, it is configured very simply and quickly. Once configured, the person who enters the exam only needs to start the room before entering the exam room and the home person to start the program and the images are automatically received.

 After taking pictures or recording a video with the topics, your friend at home can re-view them whenever he/she want because these stay on the memory of the device where the app is installed, or can send them to someone else on Facebook, Whatssap, Email, Skype, etc

This system is just for filming and sending LIVE your topics to your friend. In order for your friend to be able to offer back the solutions to the topics, you also need a wireless audio system with a micro-earpiece. The audio system is separate from the video one and so any wireless model system can be used for cheating on exams. You can choose one from here

How does this system work?

It is very simple. You need the PX-500 Pro Xtreme Camera and a smartphone. Replace a button from a shirt at the chest or from the cuff with the camera in the button. The in-button camera takes pictures and with the help of the image processing unit transmits them wirelessly to the mobile phone. Your mobile will forward them to the one with the application installed. You do not have to worry, every camera has a unique address and code, no one else can connect to your camera except the one who knows them.

You need a smartphone, it does not matter the brand and the model, it’s only important for it to have the hotspot function and to be compatible with minimum3G networks, recommended for LTE 4G or 4G +. The system will also work on 3G, but the speed of the 3G internet network is lower, and the camera will have a delay of 3-5 sec and in case of 4G of only 2-3 sec. Usually, if the exam is given in a city, there is 4G coverage and if you use a relatively new phone that appeared after 2014, it is definitely compatible with 4G networks, and you don’t have to worry because it works well on 3G networks as well.

At no exam you are allowed the access with mobile phones or other communication devices in the exam room, but no one controls you as a rule, and as the systems are small you can easily hide it under your clothes.

The PX-300 Pro Extreme camera is powered by Micro USB from a 3000 mAh mini external battery (Power Bank) included in the package, offering up to 3 hours of continuous operation and 12 hours of standby time. If you want more autonomy you can use another external battery of higher capacity: 5000-10 000 mAh. There is no need for a particular model, you can absolutely use any external power banck battery (used for mobile phones).

Button Camera Cheat Exam
Cheat exam camera

     – the smallest room for cheating on exams on the market,
     – because it has small size is easy to hide under the clothes even in summer when you are dressed thin,
     – transmits LIVE (in real time) HD images – you can see the writing on both the sheet and the monitor,
     – the one who is going to dictate your answers can be at any distance from you, even in another country

The package contains:
     – The PX-500 Pro Extreme Image Processing Module
     – Mini HD Video Camera in Button
     – 3000 mAh external battery (approx ~ 3h autonomy)
     – Micro USB cable for power and charging
     – User manual
     – Warranty certificate


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