Warranty Policy

We are aware that you need this type of device to use it only a limited number of times and only in a certain period. The warranty does not help you! It is very important that the device works exactly when you need it, because you may not have a second chance to use it.

Because we have a lot of experience, we know how important it is that the product works when you need it. That’s why we make great efforts to sell only quality products. In addition, to eliminate any mistake, before being shipped, any product is tested by two different people.

The chances of a buyer receiving a defective device are non-existent!

In addition, the products are very carefully packed during the entire transport period. Precisely to limit to the maximum the situation in which the products could be damaged during transport.

We strive to make all our customers satisfied

The market for the sale of these types of devices is a very select one, and that’s why we do everything we can so that the people who choose to buy from us to be satisfied with their choice. In this way, these products will be seen by friends and relatives, and we hope that an old buyer will bring as many new buyers as possible.

We will try to help you solve the problem together on the phone by phone call or video call on whatsapp. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, you will need to send the product back to be replaced with a new one.

However, if there is a problem, the first thing you need to do is contact us and communicate your problem. More 90% of the issues are solved by one of our Live Chat operators, because in most cases the problem is not a defect but an inappropriate use. We are always trying to improve our quick start guide and to include in them the situations that come up, for an easy use of devices.

All product’s warranty, provided by our company, covers a period of minimum 1 year form the date of purchase. All faulty parts and/or functions, resulting despite user’s normal use, will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge during the warranty period.

However, if any of the malfunctions are caused by user carelessness, inadequate maintenance, or natural disaster, we will the provide repair and/or replacement services for a fee regardless of warranty period.

When you need of warranty services, the purchaser may visit our headquarter or one of our sales offices with the product or send the product with a detailed description of services required via postal service to any of our sales offices (the purchaser will be responsible for packaging, postage, and any postal insurance).Once repair or replace or services are completed, the supplier will return the product to the purchaser (return postage will be paid by the supplier).

All product from Examdevices.com benefit from warranty conditions that are in line with the applicable law and the commercial policy of manufacturers. The minimum warranty for a product is of 12 months. Products out of the warranty period can also be repaired in case of malfunction for a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the product does not work?

All products are carefully checked before being sent to customers! It is almost impossible to receive a defective product! If you think that something is not working properly, follow these steps:

  • carefully check the quick start guide and all youtube videos available for your product several times and make sure you have followed absolutely all the steps
  •  contact us and give them as many details as possible about the problem you are facing
  • a specialist will try to help you via Video Call on Whatsapp or Zoom
  • 90% of problems can be solved by video call. If it is still not possible, you will have to send the product by post to us. You will establish the details with our specialist.

Who pays shipping for products sent during the warranty period?

  • From you to us: when you send the parcel to us, you will pay for the transport. You can send with any transport company you want, you can choose the cheapest one.
  • From us back to you: after the product(s) are repaired or replaced, the package will be sent back to you by DHL Express. We will pay for the transport.
  • For the service performed on products that are no longer in the warranty period, you will have to pay for both shipments.
The shipping cost are paid totally(both) by our company only in the case of products that are manufacturing defects or damaged during transport and it is still in the warranty period.

How much Warranty does a product have?

Depending on the product, the warranty period can vary between 12 months and 24. In the package you will find the warranty certificate with the name of the product(s) ordered and the warranty period granted.

Can a product out of the Warranty period still be sent for Service?

If the product is out of the warranty period, it can be sent for service. In this case, the payment of the transport and the costs for repairing the product are paid by the buyer.

How fast will I receive the product(s) back?

Because we only use quality devices and if the user reads and follows the steps from the quiq start guide, it will not be necessary to send the product for service. However, if this happens, we are committed to solving the problem as quickly as possible. Once the product has arrived at our service unit, we promise that the package will be sent back to you within a maximum of 5 working days.

Please note that these 5 days do not include the time the package is on its way to us and back to you. Once the problem is solved(repaired or replaced), the package will be sent back to you via DHL Express (we will pay for the shipping) and will arrive in 2-3 days.

By continuing to work with us, the buyer declares that he has read and understood our policies and agrees with them.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us:

ExamDevices.com provides customers a Live Chat Online Support System on Whatsapp available 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. You can request additional product information or if you have already bought a cheating device you can be guided Online on Live Chat by a specialist.

If you need help choosing the right system for you, or if you have purchased a device and need assistance, please consider the following client work schedule:

Monday – Friday:   08am – 10pm

Saturday:                08am – 16pm

Sunday:                           Close

For emergencies outside working hours, an engineer can be available for a fee of 50 Euro (30min – max 1 hour)

Please consider the time above, not your local time!

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