Top 13 innovative ways of cheating in exams

Exams had always acted as terror when we are unprepared. Plus, after every semester we end up promising ourselves that we will work har for the next one. So, all the students out there should know about these cool ways in cheating in the exams.


The eraser. You can use the flat pattern of an eraser in order to write down the answers you need. When the teacher is near, you can just flip the eraser the blank side and pretend like the teacher’s pet. This is a technique that brags the first place in this top of the most innovative ways of cheating in exams.


A transparent water bottle cover. Of course, you read it right. The mineral bottle with a plastic cover with the logo printed on it can rescue you during an important exam. What can you do? You can use the white part on the flip side of the logo to write in the answers you need. In case of requirement you can keep the same bottle on the bench where you can see through the transparent bottle.


The watch. You know that the watch is used for timing our self during an exam so we do not run short of time. But you have to know that a watch can help you a lot in noting the difficult answers that you can’t memorise. So, all you have to do is noting them on the backside of the dial with a pencil. Easy. The watch can be removed and kept under the desk. No teacher can and would ever doubt you. Be careful though.


Sleeves. You know what are the full sleeves of your uniforme made for? They are made so that you can write in the answers under your hand or wrist and then cover it with the sleeves. You can pull the sleeves so that you see the answers once you need them. This is considered the least risky method of cheting in exams.


The invisible pen. The invisible pen can help us a lot but it comes also with a big risk. You can write down the answers on a paper with this invisible pen and then carry the same along in the examination room. Hide the paper under the answers sheets and then provide the adequate UV light very very carefully so that you don’t get caught.


Calculator. Another innovative way of cheating in exams is have your answers written in calculators. In other words, the backside of the calculator can be used in order to write in the answers with a pencil. Then, when required, the same can be flipped backside and then can be used to accomplish the mission.


Sneakout of the classroom. You can easily sneak out of the classroom under the pretext of going to the bathroom. The safest place ever so that you can check out your chits. But you should not take to much time because this only can add up to the suspicion or the suspension.


Scale. Using a steel scale so that you can write the answers you need behind it and then flip it when the danger lingers around you is another innovative way of cheating in exams. There are some tricks you can use in your own benefit and play safe so you do not have to bear a sever penalty for what you have done.


Hiding the chits behind the socks. You should know that you can hide the chits in your socks and then topple down any stationery on the floor of the exam center, bend down and slide your hand under the socks then safely remove the chit complete. You have to do the same thing when you want to put the chit back in its location. One of the oldest methods ever used but the coolest method of cheating in exams.


Putting a sticky note under the shoe. Another cool way of cheating in exams is putting a sticky note under the canvas an carry them to the examination hall. You can remove the shoes when you feel danger near you and cover them with your feet.

Transparent water bottle cover. You read it right. A mineral bottle with the plastic cover and the logo printed on it can come in rescue of a student, help him cheat in exams. In other words, the white part on the flip side of the logo can be used by students in order to write the answers and in case of requirement, the same can be kept on the bench withouth problems, where they can see through the transparent bottle.


Using a hidden side of the hat. The hat it’s a great place to hide answers because teachers won’t notice that hidden side if you wear for example a baseball cap or suitable hat. All you have to do is to ensure that your head is covered with these wise thoughts.


The small notes on your fingernails. Another effective and innovative way to cheat, a method that many students use to get high scores. You can use a pencil or a pen writing. This method can be a bit challenging because writing answers on your nails and then being able to read this tiny notes is not easy. Do not show your fingers to teachers.

Many students use these tricks to cheat in exams. Others think that it’s a wrong deal but this helps them to achieve excellent results, with no stress. There are many and different techniques, most of them are very common today. School and college students that understand that their test and exams results are crucial can use this exceptional and creative methods of cheating. In order to cheat succesfully they need excellent preparation skills. This can be a real challenge but beginners use all possible ways to skip the learning process and get excellent results easily. You can use too these amazing methods for better results in exams if you don’t want to or it you don’t have time to study.

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