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At the moment only the payment by bank transfer is available. Usually, from the moment of making the payment until the payment is received in our IBAN account, 24-48 hours can pass. During this time the products are tested, pagking and the package is prepare to be delivered to DHL.

No products are shipped until your payment appears in our account. If you are in a hurry and want the package to leave as soon as possible, when you make the payment select the “fast method” and not the standard one. The transfer fee is a little higher but the payment can be received within 12 hours and your package can leave the next day.

Another very fast method is Western Union, Moneygram or Bitcoin payment. But for these methods first you will have to contact us on whatsapp. We will establish together all the necessary details.

If you need other additional information, do not hesitate to contact us on whatsapp

Phone No:           0040785969636
Whatsapp No:    0040785969636
  • Monday – Friday:     08am – 10pm
  • Saturday:                  08am – 16pm
  • Sunday:                           Close

Please consider the time above, not your local time!

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