Refund and Return Policy


Most of the time, these types of devices are required to be used a limited number of times in a short period of time. If you intend to purchase such a device because you need it next week and after using it you intend to send it back and request a refund, you must know the following aspects:

  • refunds cannot be requested for these types of products because are brought on special order for each individual customer
  • because no factory produces such a final device ready for use, they are made on special order up of several mini electronic modules

Most of the time they are made/brought on special order and sometimes they are customized according to the special requirements of the end user. Example: a larger battery for greater autonomy or if you need the device to use it several times, but each time you need a maximum of 60 minutes (after which you put it to recharge) we can put a much smaller battery – decrease considerably the final dimensions.

Replacing Product with other one Product

If, after you have received the product and tried it, you consider that it does not suit your needs, you can send it back to be replaced with another one in maximum 30 days after you pickup the package. Before returning a product, please contact us via customer service. The terms and conditions for returning and exchanging one or more ordered products are as follows:

  • If you requested that the product be customized according to certain personal requirements, the product cannot be returned. Exceptions to this rule can only be made if the changes requested by you when you made order have not greatly changed the original product – in this case, depending on the complexity of the changes requested when you made order, a fee may apply.
  • The product must not have traces of excessive use. Products with signs of use can be accepted, but a fee will be charged to return the product to its original condition. The fee may vary depending on the condition in which the product is returned: between 1-50%.
  • For products that are returned without all the accessories originally received in package, a fee may be charged depending on which accessories and how many are missing.
  • The new product can only be shipped to you after the initially purchased product arrives back to us and is checked.
  • If you wish to exchange a product with another one, shipping charges will be paid by you: both the shipping fee from you to us and the shipping fee of the new product to you.

Product Warranty

All products benefit from the Warranty and comply with the laws in force. Depending on the purchased product, the warranty period is between 12-24 months. As long as the product is within the warranty period, the buyer benefits from the repair or replacement of the product, as the case may be, free of charge. You can read more here: Warranty Policy.

By continuing to work with us, the buyer declares that he has read and understood our policies and agrees with them.

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