Professional Digital Spy Earpiece RM-210 Pro

513,00 $

Professional cheating device from the new generation 2023 with SIM card and wireless spy invisible cheating digital earpiece. With the Professional RM210 Pro device, the distance between the device and the earpiece can be up to 15 meters. In addition, with the RM210 Pro model, each device works with its own earpiece and you can’t hear others who have cheating device in the same room and it doesn’t interfere with the regular China Earpiece!


  • Distance between the GSM device – headset: ~15 meters
  • Distance between Your Helper – GSM device: Unlimited
  • You will not hear in your headset and from others who have a cheating device with regular China Spy earpiece
  • One GSM device can be paired with up to 10 headsets
  • A GSM device can be used for up to 10 people in the same room, even if they are seated at different tables (max 15m from the device)
  • The microphone is on the GSM device – not on the headset!
  • Automatically answer calls function
  • Works with a regular SIM card from any GSM network
  • Device autonomy: 4 hours
  • GSM device battery charging time: 4 hours
  • Spy Earpiece autonomy: ~4 hours of RM-400 battery
  • The battery in the headset is replaceable

Professional Digital Spy Earpiece

The regular spy China earpiece have a maximum distance of 70cm between the device and the earpiece. The RM-210 Pro Professional cheating earpiece is the only cheating device where the distance between the earpiece and the cheating gsm device can be substantially greater: 15-20 meters. Do not confuse this with the distance at which the person who is going to help you can be located! The person helping you will call the SIM card number inserted into the device from any regular phone – so that person can be anywhere in the world where there is phone signal.

This is the only one cheating device where you can wear just an earpiece and nothing else on you! The GSM device with SIM Card can be nearby, but not more than 15-20 meters away from the earpiece.

The person who is helping you can be anywhere in the world, as long as they have signal on their mobile phone. They will only need to dial the SIM card number from the device on any phone.

The Earpiece is not universal compatible with all device

The regular China spy earpiece can practically be used with any type of cheating device, making it universally compatible. This means that if you wear a regular spy earpiece and walk around banks where other people are using cheating device, you will be able to hear what is being dictated to the person what use cheating devices. I personally have experienced having to use a regular China spy earpiece back when I was in college. Walking through the hallway towards the exam room, I could hear voices in my headphone dictating to other people in adjacent rooms. I guarantee you, I am not joking!

The cheating device is part of the new generation of cheating device, which cannot receive information from others using cheating devices in the same room as you.

The spy earpiece does not work via Bluetooth - so it is undetectable!

The RM-210 Pro spy earpiece does not work via Bluetooth technology which could be easily detected by any regular phone! Being a new generation system, we cannot reveal details, but we can guarantee that they are extremely difficult to detect. They can only be detected with frequency spectrum analyzers, equipment that costs tens of thousands of euros and is only available for government organizations.

A single GSM device with up to 10 RM-210 Pro Spy earpiece!

The GSM device can be paired with up to 10 RM-210 Pro spy earpiece. Thus, you can leave the device in a blouse/purse on the hanger, and within a radius of 15-20 meters, all those who have a RM-210 Pro spy earpiece previously paired with the GSM device, will hear the same thing in the earpiece.

It is important to specify that the system works through a new technology (it is not bluetooth/wifi or AM/FM Radio) and you cannot do the pairing at home. At the time of purchase, you will have to specify how many users (how many spy earpiece) you want. A lost earpiece requires sending the entire system back, as pairing is done with specialized equipment. Keep in mind that the price of such a digital spy earpiece is up to 5 times higher than that of a classic China one.

How does it work?

The device will keep charging, an LED will indicate the end of the process. A regular SIM card from any GSM network will be inserted into the device. In the area where it will be used, there must be a phone signal – nothing special is required. The spy digital earpiece will be inserted into the ear and the GSM device can be left at a maximum distance of 15-20 meters from the person wearing the earpiece.

The person who is going to help you will call (ordinary call) on any landline or mobile phone, from any distance (even from another country if it has international minutes), the number of the SIM card inserted in the device.

The device will respond automatically, and will start transmitting to the earpiece previously paired with the GSM device. Depending on the operator, the call will end automatically after an hour or two. There is no problem! The device will respond automatically whenever needed. Remember that it is advisable to use a new SIM card, because if you are already on a call and someone else calls during this time, the device closes the current call and answers the last caller. If it’s a new card, no one knows the number, no one bothers you.

Package Contain

  • Mini RM-210 Pro device with SIM Card module
  • 1 x Digital Earpiece
  • 1 x Small Battery for Earpiece
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
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