Mini Button Camera 4G LTE – Full Worldwide SIM card compatibility

699,00 $

I-Cheat S4 Lite it is the smallest Video Camera for cheating, where the SIM Card goes directly into the button. You do not need to have  hidden on your body a mobile phone or mini portable router with you, like for regular cheating video camera.


i-Cheat S5 Lite button camera with SIM card, is the smallest button camera that exists, in which the SIM card goes directly into the button camera body! It is smaller than a lighter! No phone, no router, no separate modules and no many wires like for regular cheating camera.

  • The smallest Compact Video Camera The SIM card goes directly into the Button.
  • Works with any SIM Card from all over the world.
  • Send live Video at FullHD quality
  • Your helper sees in real time in the room with a maximum of 2 sec delay,
  • 3 quality levels settable according to internet speed,
  • Application available only on Android/IOS – Does not work on Computer,
  • Emergency button that stops the system instantly so that it cannot be detected.
  • Camera dimensions: 62x22x11mm

What does the system contain?

The system is a complete one. You only need an regular SIM card (from any network) that has an active internet option and a person to help you. This package includes:

  • Mini Video Camera in Button S5 Lite,
  • Special battery with Emergency Button,
  • Bracelet-type cover to put the battery on the arm (it is not mandatory to put it on the arm) – you can put it anywhere on the body (thin thread of ~1.5m),
  • 20 buttons identical to the one in the room to change the rest of your blouse,
  • Detailed user manual in video format,
  • If needed, help is offered via video call on Whatsapp the first time you use it!

How to use this system?

  • Put Battery The to charging
  • The free application is installed on the phone(Google Play or App Store) of the person who is going to help you
  • Insert a normal SIM card with active internet option in the camera
  • After the battery is charged, insert the MicroUSB plug into the camera
  • The camera is turned on from the power button on the battery
  • Put the camera by replacing one of the buttons on the sleeve or on the chest
  • Open application and the unique connection code of your camera is entered
  • The application will connect to the camera and you will see on your phone what the camera is filming
  • To receive the answers, you will also need a wireless headset system – they are individual systems and do not have to be compatible!

The camera perfectly imitates a Button

If you don’t know that behind that button there is a mini video camera with Live transmission, it is almost impossible to notice it, even if you look closely! It can be worn by replacing both a button on the chest and on the sleeve without any problems.

The camera is smaller than a lighter!

Button cheating camera for exam test 03
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