GSM Box with Inductive Nano Earpieces Neckloop
  • GSM Box with Inductive Nano Earpieces Neckloop
  • gsm box neckloop invisible earpiece for cheat on exam
  • inductive earpiece

GSM Box with Nano Magnetic Earpieces

100,00 €

The most advanced non-wired system for cheating on exams. This system is recommended to be used for major and demanding exams, where you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone in the exam room.



     - of the size of a matchbox,

     - Can use very small Nano Earpiece,

     - It works in any GSM network,

     - Answers AUTOMATICALLY to the call,

     - and has a very high performance microphone,

     - Battery autonomy 3 ... 4 hours


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GSM Box with Inductive Nano Earpieces Neckloop

This device is basically a cellphone with call auto answering function and a mini wireless invisible speaker. The GSM box used for safe and covert communication.

       - Quad-Band GSM Loop is powered by new 4 Watt audio amplifier and offers more powerful audio output.
       - GSM Module allows you to use neckloop device without any mobile phone. Just insert the SIM Card in the GSM device.
       - The most popular Spy Invisible Skin color Earpiece. It offers clear audio output.
       - Earpiece has build-in mini receiver (speaker) and also has high quality and sensitive inductive coil.
       - The micro wireless invisible earpiece has an optimal anatomic design. Even inexperience userscould easily use it.

      A normal Nano SIM card with a number is inserted in the GSM Box. When you put Nano SIM card inside the GSM Box, will automatically turn on, you ne need to press any button for turn on GSM Box. GSM Box detect when a SIM Card is inserted and wil turn on automatically. When your helper calling from any phone (be it landline) the number of the SIM card inside, the GSM Box will respond automatically and start transmitting to the headset from the ear what your helper speaks. At the same time, the GSM Box also has a very sensitive microphone that captures the weakest sounds, so the home help listens to what's going on in the exam room (you can whisper him/her the subjects). If the exam is very demanding and you cannot whisper the subjects then you need a cheating video camera that sends LIVE images with the topics. You can find camera for cheating on exams here: cheating exam camera

Key features of new amplified GSM neckloop

       - 3watt powerUpgraded design and enhanced inductive power
       - Build-in 4 Watt F class audio amplifier.
       - Drives all kinds of wireless earpieces, including magnetic.
       - Volume is adjustable by means of volume buttons.

Slim and softCompact design
       - Quad-Band GSM Module is compatible with all mobile networks.
       - Build-in GSM Module for mobile phone free use.
       - Hidden light indicator near volume control.

batteryLonger operation time according to real tests
       - Longer battery life during a phone conversation.
       - High capacity and rechargeable 720mah lithium battery.
       - USB cable used to recharge the device.

2 colors are available, including pure black and beige skin color

The system consists of:
      - The GSM Box: It's a special micro-telephone that makes direct connection between the home help that gives you the answers and the headset in your ear
       - Magnetic Nano Earpiece: captures the special waves emitted by the box to the headset and plays them in the ear

       The sound quality in the earpiece in the ear is very good. A very important feature of this device is the automatic response function, more precisely when someone calls the SIM number in the GSM Box, the box will respond automatically without having to press any button.

       It is the most used device for cheating on exams, which is part of the professional product range. It represents the culmination of devices for cheating on exams, combines advanced data transmission technologies, encrypts them with well-established protocols, making them very hard to detect or jam. It answers the call itself when the call is interrupted, autonomy up to ~ 5 hours of talk time and has a built-in microphone that captures even the weakest sounds.

Low power alarm
GSM neckloop will alarm if battery power is running low and turn off automatically.
You will  hear “dong..dong..dong” sounds in the earpiece, and red LED light will flash two times.

       - There is no need to have a telephone to you in the exam room,
       - It works in any GSM network in any country,
       - It is undetectable,
       - The GSM box is a mini phone of the size of a matchbox,
       - The GSM box RESPONDS AUTOMATICALLY every time the SIM card number is called from inside,
       - The GSM box has a very high-performance microphone
       - Battery life time until recharge: ~ 4 Hours

GSM Neckloop Quick Start :
Step 1> Remove PIN code from SIM card. Insert SIM card into mobile phone and remove any PIN code. The SIM Card must be without any PIN Code.

Step 2> Insert SIM card in the GSM Module and Power up the device.

Step 3> Wear the neckloop. Hang the neckloop around your neck. You can also put neckloop in a coat pocket. Please see picture below.

Step 4> Test and use neckloop
Once connected to mobile network, device will automatically accept any incoming call. Device volume can be adjusted by the volume control on the neckloop. The GSM neckloop has a number of control buttons

The package includes:
       - 1 x GSM Box of the skin colour in order to hide it easily,
       - 6 x Magnetic Nano Earpiece + Black Magnet for attract out Nano Earpiece from ears
       - 1 x cable for charging the GSM box 
       - 1 x very detailed instructions for use
       - 1 x warranty certificate


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