Invisible earpiece with camera for cheating – advice

     Choosing a invisible earpiece with camera for cheating on exam to ensure your chances of success can be a real challenge. In the market there are all kinds of systems where the sellers use carefully made descriptions and that promise guaranteed success. Many times, however, descriptions are taken with copy / paste from other sites. Even the pictures are copied, actually looking different. Another practice is to say that a certain product that the respective seller does not have, to say that it is not good, that it does not work.

      You have to know that reality is somewhere in the middle and that any cheating system has both advantages and disadvantages. It is good to know that if you decide to buy a system just because it is more expensive and you consider it better, just because it is expensive does not mean that it will work and guarantee 100% success. It also depends on what seller you find. A dishonest one will tell you that there are no disadvantages to the system.

Invisible earpiece with camera for cheating on exam

    Many of those who decide to purchase an invisible earpiece with camera for cheating on exam think it is one and the same system. In reality, however, the audio part is separated from the video part. So there are two separate systems that are not related to each other. In other words, in any video camera for cheating on exam you can use any cheating earpiece model from marcket. They do not have to be compatible with each other. The camera usually sends images over the Internet using the GSM 4G LTE network and the audio part is also used by the GSM network but by normal call.

The video part only deals with sending video images or photos with your questions and the audio part needs it to be able to receive back the answers from your helper. Usually the audio part also has a microphone, so your home helper can hear what is happening in the exam room.

      Theoretically, if the exam is not too demanding and you can whisper your questions, you only need the audio part. If the exam is more important, the requirement of the supervisors is higher and it may be too risky to whisper the questions. If it is a exam for a Job, even the one next to you if you notice something suspicious can notify the commission.

      In these circumstances, the only solution, besides that to learn, is the acquisition of a video camera. This will save you from the worry and stress of whisper questions to your helper.

Frequently asked questions about earpiece with camera for cheating on exam

     We come up with this little guide to make it easy to choose a system according to the exam you are going to have. It is important to know that there is no great system that works on all exams. There are different exams (subjects on paper, dictated, on the LCD monitor) and therefore the use of a system that folds on the type of your exam can greatly increase your chances of success. For example, if your exam is very sourth(30 minutes) and you have many questions that are not on a single page (such as a licence driver) you can use a camera that broadcasts live video. But if your exam lasts more than 60 minutes you can use an i-Cheat S1 cheating camera that sends 4k pictures because it has a much higher resolution, auto focus, small size and is easier to use.

If you still have doubts about the performance of the new i-Cheat S1 camera, watch a short video where you can see some pictures from some customers who have used such a camera in different exams from 2019 year.

From where does the cheating camera have internet access?

     As I mentioned above, the cheating camera uses the GSM 4G LTE network to transmit your questions to your helper from home. Depending on which cheating camera model you choose, you can give internet to the camera as follows:

– you can use own phone – Personal Hotspot function
– you can use a mini wifi router box – for example Huawey 5577
– if in the exam room there is wifi you can set the cheating camera to connect to the respective network – Not recommended

How works earpiece with camera for cheating on exam?

    GSM Box is usually used for can receive answer back from your helper. This will introduce a SIM card. Then from any phone the number of the SIM card inserted in the GSM box will be called (regular call). Gsm Box it will automatically answer to the call and send to the earpiece from your ear what your helper is talking to. The GSM Box also has a microphone, so the one at home hears what is happening in the exam room.

      You can use absolutely any audio device, it does not have to be compatible with the cheating camera. You can also use the GSM pen. But it has much less autonomy (in the pen does not fit large battery). The GSM card may be another option but it has larger dimensions. And a wireless Bluetooth headset you can use but this way you need a cell phone.

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