How to use Gsm Box with Neckloop and Megntic mini Invisible Earpiece

     Gsm Box with megntic mini invisible earpiece is a Perfect 2 way covert communication tool via mobile phone network. This little box has the size of a matchbox, which means you can easily hide it under your clothes. The auto answer feature means that Gsm Box will automatically pick up calls from any mobile phone or phone that will call the sim card number entered in the gsm box. The GSM headset features an On/Off and volume buttons for convenient usage.


How Gsm Box worcks?

     The Gsm Box Neckloop is in fact a miniature mobile phone, specially designed to be able to transmit wireless sound to the mini earpiece in your ear. Once insert a Gsm SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pick-up calls from any mobile phone or telephone. The powerful inductive coil will creat strong signals to drive earpieces from your ear. One sensitive microphone ensures your partner hear the whisper voices, even the Gsm Box is hidden under the clothes.

     The transmitter Neckloop needs to be worn on the neck and mini Earpiece needs to be placed inside the ear. Mini Neckloop’s wire length is long enough to adjust according to your needs, you may choose to place the Micro GSM Neckloop Box in the front side of the chest or you may choose to place it under your arm pit.


Gsm Box Preparing for Usage – Charghing

     First you must Charge the battery of the GSM Box in advance using the USB charging cable. While charging the LED is flashing in blue light. After the device is fully charged, the blue light is permanently stay on.


Pairing and Usage Steps

Step1 – First of all prepare your GSM Box Neckloop by inserting a active Gsm Sim card and power it on,
Step2 – After Powering “On” GSM Box Neckloop wait1 minute of time to get the GSM network,
Step3 – Hide the GSM Box Neckloop under the clothes within 60cm of range from Earpiece, you can choose to Keep it in your shirt pocket,
Step4 – Put magnetic earpiece inside your ear.
Step5 – That is it, any incoming call on your GSM Sim card will be auto answered and you can start listening to your partner communication. The 38db high gain microphone will allow your smallest whispers to be transmitted to your partner though its hidden under your clothes.

For increase or decrease the volume, press volume buttons until the satisfactory volume level is reached.


Gsm box can work in any Country?

     The new developed GSM box has a build-in dual band GSM module that works in both of four band 850/900/1800/1900MHz mobile phone networks. Gsm Box is unloked, so usualy you can use with any SIM Card noumber from any country. The GSM box features a built-in GSM module operating at 900+1800MHz for European and Asian networks, and at 850+1900MHz for Australian and American providers.


Battery Information

     The Gsm Box has an internal rechargeable 800 mAh battery. Do not attempt to remove the battery from the device because you can damage the device. The battery can work for 4 hours. However, talk working time may vary due to different battery condition, volume, usage settings and other individual conditions, but whe can guarantee at least 3 hours and 30min.

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