How to Pass Exams wichout Preparation?

Now-a-days going to colleges is becoming a very expensive and painful for everyone. The colleges take tons of dollars from you to give you a degree. Your parents or you, yourself are burdened under the weight of the fees which you have to pay to the college for education.

Even after arranging the money, you might  end up in the study programs which are either  not of your interest or you are forced to study.

In such a situation, where you neither can study nor afford to fail and re-pay for the semester, the only way out is cheating in exams.

So today I am going to tell you the most efficient ways of cheating using the following amazing cheating devices on

But first things first! You will need one cheating partner at home so that you can make a fool proof plan of cheating. So let’s dive into it!

Step # 1:

Get mentally ready to cheat on the exam. Try to be as confident as you can and avoid being skeptical about what would happen if you get caught. Just act as cool as you can. Trust me you do not want to be seen any suspicious at all.

Step # 2:

You need to get a teeny tiny camera because of course you cannot tell your partner all the questions verbally. Also it will be really confusing and time consuming. The second issue which can occur is that your partner might misinterpret or completely forget what the question was.

So own a micro camera which not only automatically starts and streams but also it can function while  you keep your mobile phone in your  pocket or even at some distance in your bag.

Always make sure to completely charge the streaming device before exams because you do not want to run out of battery when you are a half way through.

My personal favorite is i-Cheat s3 mini button camera because of its more power efficiency and the warranty that it has.

Step # 3:

Now that you have the camera, you will have to get an audio device through which your partner will tell you answers to all your exam questions. The remote voice communication device should also be really small and easy to carry for you. It will be better if it automatically makes a call without you touching you mobile phone. Do charge this one too before you go for the exam.

Obviously I can refer you the best of the best collection of these audio wearables too. Check out the following:

  1. BlueTooth With Micro Headset
  2. GSM Box With Invisible Micro Earpiece
  3. Inductor Necklace With Micro Headset

Step #4:

After collecting all the necessary stuff, fit all the audio devices on your body and make sure to wear as slim fit clothes as you can and preferably any hooded shirt to hide the earpiece perfectly.

Provide a laptop to your partner through which he is going to receive live stream and images from the wearable devices that you have.  Don’t forget to provide a stable internet connection to him with the laptop. Now check the internet on your smartphone too and you are good to go.

Step #5:

Now its time for the actual action and adventure !!!

As soon as you get the questions of the exam, stream the images to your partner within first 15 minutes because you do not want to delay any further from that. Your partner needs time to get the answers so hurry without being obvious to the examiner.

After sending the images, your partner will evaluate the answers. Now you can make a call via your Bluetooth earpiece and hear all the answers and even communicate verbally but carefully.

Take your time and attempt your paper and leave the examination room. See how easy and fast was that.

Bonus Uses:

Apart from cheating, there are many other complimentary advantages of the above devices. You can have fun or you can just use it to solve a mystery. Your call!

Undercover Private investigation:

If you are an undercover cop, Federal Investigation agent or a private agent who has to deal with the criminals on daily basis, then these little devices can be really handy. You can make the criminals to trust you easily and then you can work with your team to solve the crime and catch the criminal from all the suspects.

Employees’ Activity Monitoring:

If you have a firm which contains some very sensitive data or information, or you just want to keep track of all the conversations roaming around the office then these devices can help you so much to secretly keep an eye on the employees. This can also help to monitor any harassment which might occur between the employees at any time.

Spy over someone suspicious:

If just out of fun , you want to know who is cheating on his/her partner or you want to know who is dating whom in your college  or the office. You can plug in these devices and spy on people  without being noticed or suspicious.

I have tried using these devices in my office and it works like charm . The women harassment attempts are decreasing with each passing day at work now.

So if you also want to take advantage of all these cutting edge technological wearables, then do not wait any further and buy them right here

It’s time to upgrade your gadgets collection and move with the latest upcoming trends with us.

Do let us know in the comments what things have you tried so far with these beast audio/video devices because we are eager to know about your adventures

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