How to choose the best cheating camera on exams?

If you have considered buying a video camera for cheating it means you have to take an important exam. At the most important exams the requirement of the supervisors is higher. If we talk about a competition for a job then it is added that those who will be sitting next to you during the exam will notify the commission if they notice something strange about you. Or even for a banal exam during college, I personally suffered, I was betrayed by a colleague who was sitting next to me during the exam and who had noticed at one point how I was whispering the topics of my home helper.

So if the subjects are not known before the exam it can be quite risky to whip them to your helper in exam time. Be it also at the beginning of the exam when there is usually a little agitation in the room. In this case, the only solution is the acquisition of a video cheating camera that can transmit in real time pictures or make live video striming with your subjects, to your helper.

How to choose the best cheating camera on exams?

There are plenty of cheating camera models on the market that can do this. But not everything cheap works. Just like not all expensive models will work well. It depends a lot on what kind of seller you find. That’s why I decided to talk about these devices here. More precisely about existing models, mode of operation, advantages and disadvantages for each model. Many misinform to sell their own products. We had the full range of cheating camera on exams and we preferred to inform our clients correctly. So you will be satisfied that they are doing their job and we have no headaches.

Video cheating camera are generally more expensive (the ones that work). Due to the way they are used, they have to meet several conditions:

  • be as small as size – for easy hiding,
  • have as much battery life as possible – enough for a long exam or even two at a time,
  • have as few threads as possible,
  • be easy to use.

Not every expensive cheating camera will work!

These devices use quality components and new technologies that are more expensive. Not the same thing can be said about those cheating cameras that only record on a MicroSD video memory. The ones that just memorize and do not send are quite cheap but do not help you in this situation because you need to send in real time the topics of your helper. More specifically, the part itself is not expensive but the technology behind them.

For example, the first cheating camera on exam were composed of an analogue camera with 720px x 480px buttons and a radio frequency video transmitter. It transmitted on a distance between 50 and 500 meters (depending on the power) that the camera filmed. The resolution was poor, the viewing angle was small (in the image you only see a quarter of the page), the manual focus (you had to always turn the buttons to see clearly only from a certain distance you see clearly, depending on how you adjusted the buttons). Now the new camcorder models for i-Cheat S1 copy have:

  • Quad Core 2GHz, 2Gb DDR3 16Gb or 32Gb internal memory image processor,
  • I know how to connect via WiFi to the internet,
  • Have 4K UHD resolution camera,
  • Have automatic focus that catches more than an A4 page.


There are only two types of video cheating camera at exams:

  • video camera that broadcast in real time HD or Full HD video – Live Video Streaming,
  • video camera that send in real time 4K Ultra HD pictures to an email address – i-Cheat S1.

No matter what any seller will tell you, you should know that each model has advantages but also disadvantages. Usually you will be presented with only the advantages of the models, following which the disadvantages you will find out unfortunately. It is very important to choose the best cheating camera that suits your type of exam. E.g:

• Short exam with many questions. If your exam is short (30-60min) and you have more questions (30-60) and especially if the questions happen one after the other, more precisely a question on the page (A4 paper or LCD monitor) then you have to use an the camera that broadcasts Video live striming – in real time. The time being short, and the questions not being all on one page, it will be harder to send a picture for each question in such a short time.
• Exam that lasts over 60 Min – No matter how many subjects. You can use and it is recommended to use a cheating camera that send pictures. It is much easier to use and the most important thing: those with pictures work whether you have 3G or 4G LTE signal in the exam room. The video ones will only work if you have 4G Full. I will present below some aspects that will help you decide.

In order to choose the best video cheating camera for your exam, you must first of all know some very important aspects:

What does Video format mean?

Video format means several pictures taken one after the other in an interval of one second. The larger the number of pictures taken per second (the feature also called fps – frame per second), the more the human eye will perceive everything that happens in more natural footage – the movements being more cursive, unshaken. The most used standard format is 25-30fps, which means 25-30 pictures per second. In other words, the video format is nothing more than a cliche of several pictures.

How are the images transmitted?

Any cheating camera needs the internet to be able to transmit pictures or videos with your subjects. All existing cameras now know how to connect via WiFi to any personal hotspot network from your personal phone or from any 4G modem or WiFi router. Practically, the video source is not interested in the Internet source from which it comes. It will know how to connect to any wifi network with a certain name and password previously entered. There are clients who use the wifi network in the exam room. In the room settings you can enter the name of the wifi network and the password in the exam room. When you are in the room and you turn on the camera, it will automatically connect to the internet. This method is not recommended because if you shut down your router you will run out of internet in your room.

Data traffic. Why is it important?

Well, now that you know what video format means, let’s talk about data traffic. As the video format has a higher resolution and better image quality, the more data traffic required will be larger as the video file size increases. It is as if you were looking in a room with many things through it and as you try to retain more details about objects (what furniture objects are, what color they each have, what size, shape, etc.). The more memory you will use to remember them. The same is true with video images: the clearer and the higher the resolution, the greater the data traffic required.
Let’s say you use a video cheating camera that shoots at 720p HD resolution (720×480) at 25fps. For a single second you have 10 megabytes of information. This means that you will send 10mb / sec information on the internet. So you need an available upload speed of at least 10mb / sec and your help where you will receive the topics also needs a download speed of at least 10 mb / sec. If we go and increase the resolution and clarity, it will automatically increase the minimum upload speed for the exam and download for the one receiving the images.

What is the connection between image quality and GSM signal in the area?

If you have not caught yet I will explain immediately. Internet speed is closely linked to the signal level in the area and the type of 3G or 4G LTE connection. Thus, the closer the signal is to full, the faster the Internet speed will be. At the same time on 4G LTE you have a much better speed than 3G. The images in video format with higher resolution and clearer have a larger size. For 10 seconds of sent video you can have 10mb or 100mb. Clear that at 100 mb video images are much clearer. But to be able to send them to your home helper in real time you need an Internet speed at least equal to or greater than the size of the video file.

Usually the one who receives the pictures, your helper, is at home. At home if you have a cable or fiber optic internet connection, the lowest download speed is 300 mb / sec. So it’s no problem. The same is not true of the exam room unfortunately using the GSM network. At the mobile data connection, internet speeds are much lower. Usually all the big GSM operators boast that they give 100 … 200 mb of download but no one says how much to upload. I tell you now, I give very little. On 4G LTE with all signal lines, you have a maximum upload speed of 15 mb / sec. Speed ​​that otherwise interests us because we send video information. So we upload and even less download.

Where do problems occur and why is it better to use picture camera technology?

Thus, if the GSM signal in the exam room is weaker, then the internet speed is lower than the minimum required to send the respective video images. The images received by your home will not be italicized, they will be saccharified, they will be blocked more or less often or in the worst case you cannot even connect to the camera.

For cameras that transmit video images(live video streaming), 4G signal is definitely needed in the area where you will use the video cheating camera. In no way will they work with 3G signal because the upload speed available on 3G is well below the minimum required to make live video striming even at very low resolution and clarity.
In other words, the clarity of the images is not given by the performance of the camcorder. Rather, the limited capability of the GSM 4G network. The GSM 5G network is currently being implemented (be careful not to confuse it with the 5G WiFi network). This will be up to 10 times stronger than the current 4G and will be able to stream 4K video without any problem. But unfortunately it will take a while. We are currently dealing with what we have.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I’ll give you the following example. How many of you made a video call on your phone? On whatsapp, facebook, skype, etc (because it doesn’t matter the platform)? Although on the phone you have a super camera at your phone however in video call it looks very weak. Well, for the same reason: all social media or digital messaging platforms limit the quality and resolution in video calling. This is because simply the Internet network would not cope with the high data requirements of the video format at high clarity.

Why is the i-Cheat S1 camera different? (the model that sends pictures)

The cheating camera that send pictures work totally differently. They make a picture that they first memorize internally and then send it to an email address set in advance. If more pictures are taken there is no problem. These will be sent one by one in the order in which they were made. A picture taken with the i-Cheat S1 camera has 4K UHD resolution. A single 4K picture needs about 25 seconds to reach your helper wherever it is. That’s when you have 4G. If you have 3G in the exam room there is no problem. The picture will arrive in about 35 … 40 seconds, a little later but it will arrive.

The i-Cheat S1 cameras are different because they take a picture and send it. If you press button several times the camera will not go to the next picture until the previous one is finished send.

For those with video, the camera sends 25 to 30 pictures per second. If the internet speed is sufficient they reach the recipient and are displayed in italics. The human eye seeing as a continuous image, I explained above. If the speed on the internet is not enough your helper from home will break the brakes because some of the pictures get a part not. The network is overwhelmed by the amount of information sent and gives up. Sometimes you even need to restart the video transmission system.

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