How students use tech to cheat?

Information is nowadays more accesible thanks to expanding digital networks. And that includes the main methods a student use to cheat on an exam. Now, all students who want to cheat on an exam need to do is going on YouTube and watch thousands of tutorials concerning the means in which a student can smuggle in additional information or communicate with a colleague than taking an exam paper. They can find even tips from suppliers to make sure that supervising staff can’t realize they are using these methods.

So what are the most modern methods to make sure you secure an A in that important exam?


1.Bluetooth Pens

For the modern-day cheater we recommend a micro spy bluetooth pen and earpiece set. You can engage in a two-way conversation 100% hands free. It will connect to your mobile device and will relay information from the phone to an earpiece with the Bluetooth pen functioning as a normal ball-point.

You can talk with your accomplice through the pen’s concelead microphone making either a test, a presentation or an exam easier. Well, as long as you don’t ask questions too loudly.


2.Spy kits – Earpieces,  MP3 files and signals

Many software companies offer devices that can be shipped globally. Many web sites offer invisible earpiece that can be connected to an MP3 Player or can connect the user to an “accomplice” who can relay answers for him.

Each kit includes, for a bargain price a tiny earpiece, an SOS silent beeper button that allows the communication with other person wich means to connect to a Bluetooth cell phone and a microphone. The button will be attached to a long wire that can be ran down a leg and placed in a shoe or in a pocket.


3.The watch hack

The watch hack is an interesting take on using an editing software and a printer to secret notes in to an exam room. Besides, everyone looks at their watches to keep an eye on the time left, isn’t that so? The notes students need on their desktop can be transferred through a printout on to a watch, but not any watch. But, in this case you will need label printing paper for transparency.


4.Camera phone to take snapshots

Students attempt to use their smartphones in exams. The most popular cheating methods are:

  • using the device in order to store or take images of notes right before the exam than reviewing them covertly;
  • taking an image of the paper to help friends who can take the exam later on;
  • relaying information via Bluetooth in association with an earpiece.


5.Image editing software

Students become more experienced in technology and they begin to realize the potential that imaging software such as Adope Photoshop may have in relation to editing some items. They are many tutorials available on YouTube, tutorials that teach students how to edit labels (drink bottles) to conceal any information for the exam.


6.Invisible ink

Some people still use invisibile ink in order to achieve better exam results. An invisible ink pen is available for purchase, everyone can buy it. The user is able to write some secret messages which can then be revealed via a Led Light placed on the lid of the pen.


7.Group collaboration and wireless communication

Most students are often encouraged to collaborate on projects in order to increase levels of student-centered learning. Some of this students consider this as an invitation to collaborate on exam papers. Wheter this students use traditional methods – lifting a paper up to the person behind them, hand signals – or modern methods, it seems that some students will resort to team the efforts requiered.

Technology used in team cheating is based on wireless earpieces and sets, mobile phone communication, sharing the burden of revision. In other words, one of the student memorizes and than reports answers.


8.Steal a transcript, hack a computer

Some students admitted hacking in to the university systems to try and improve their academic records. This means the student can purchase keylogging software online, he can capture key strokes on a computer. Therefore awards the owner acces to anything that requires any identification details and passwords. By doing this, the student is able to alter his grades.


9.Storing data on computers

Students are generally allowed to bring their own computers in to exams. At least in western school system you can do that. That means students can hold some texts, formulas or even pictures that allows the device to work as a very valuable storage facility for the cheater.


10.Pay someone to take the exam for you

This is not technology-based but a trend among nowadays students. Students often prefers paying someone else to take the exam for them. That’s because they realize no-one is actually monitorizing their mouvements.


Why students cheat?

Sadly, cheating is absolutely normal among students. The accademic pressure to succeed can outweigh the risk of getting caught. Most teen dream to get into top colleges, to earn scholarships for their grades. They think the best way to gain a competitive edge is by cheating.

Other teens just look for some shortcuts. Because it seems easier to cheat rather look up the answers or study. Rather than studying for an exam or for a test students choose to use a smartphone to cheat. This seems an easier option. Most tempted to cheat are students that work, teens with busy schedules. Cheating seem a time-saving option in this case.

There’s also a low risk of getting caught because technology has evolved faster than school policies. Most teachers lack the ressources to detect cheating methods. Finally, some teens are confused about their parent’s values. So they assume their parents would rather they cheat than get a F. It’s very important that students educate themselves about various ways that today’s teens use to cheat so they can be aware of the temptations. Most teens use phones and technology to cheat.

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