GSM Box with Neckloop and Inductive Earpieces Magnetic Headset

95 $

The most advanced non-wired system for cheating on exams. This system is recommended to be used for major and demanding exams, where you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone in the exam room.


  • of the size of a matchbox,
  • Can use very small Nano Earpiece,
  • It works in any GSM network,
  • Answers Automatically to the call,
  • and has a very high performance microphone,
  • Battery autonomy 3 … 4 hours


GSM Box with Neckloop and Inductive Nano Earpieces is basically a mini phone. Allow Auto answer function and worck with a very small wireless spy earpiece. You can use GSM Box for safe and covert communication with any SIM card from any country. When your helper calling from any phone (be it landline) the number of the SIM card inside, the GSM Box Neckloop with inductive mini earpieces will respond automatically and start transmitting to the spy mini earpiece from the ear what your helper speaks.

At the same time, the GSM Box also has a very sensitive microphone that captures the weakest sounds, so the home help listens to what’s going on in the exam room (you can whisper him/her the subjects). If the exam is very demanding and you cannot whisper the subjects then you need a mini button cheating video camera that sends LIVE images with the topics. You can find camera for cheating on exams on “Cheating Camera” Category.

Advantages of using of inductive magnetic earpieces

Using mini magnetic earpiece have big advantage, nothing can be heard outside from your ear. Even if the volume is set to the maximum level. The spy earpiece is very small and can not be seen in the ear even if the supervisor is watching carefully in your ears.

Another big advantage: earpiece cannot interfere with others using at the same time another system for cheating with you in same exam room. By using magnetic mini spy earpiece, you will not be able to hear others oane in the exam room who use a cheating system at the same time as you.

The sound quality in the earpiece in the ear is very good. A very important feature of this device is the automatic response function, more precisely when someone calls the SIM number in the GSM Box, the box will respond automatically without having to press any button.

GSM Box with Neckloop and Inductive Nano Earpieces it is the most used device for cheating on exams, which is part of the professional product range. It represents the culmination of devices for cheating on exams, combines advanced data transmission technologies, encrypts them with well-established protocols, making them very hard to detect or jam.

It answers the call itself when the call is interrupted, autonomy up to ~ 5 hours of talk time and has a built-in microphone that captures even the weakest sounds.

GSM Box with LCD Screen and Necklace + Inductive Magnetic Earpiece 6

How does a GSM box with inductive earpiece headset work?

The GSM box with necklace and inductive earpiece headset is not too different from the one with the clasic oane with MC-3500 earpiece. However, there are a few differences. First of all, the inductive earpiece model sends the signal to the magnetic earpiece in the ear using an inductor necklace. This necklace should only be worn around the neck and not elsewhere. Under no circumstances can it be cut and/or bent!

If the standard micro-earpiece MC-3500 has a micro-amplifier inside (hence it requires a watch battery), the inductive earpiece is nothing but a small piece of magnet. The classic box without a necklace emits a much weaker signal to the earpiece than the one with a necklace. However, the standard earpiece MC-3500 micro-earpiece has a micro-amplifier that amplifies the signal received from the source. Therefore, it sounds clear. But the inductive earpieces cannot amplify the signal, and thus they need a much stronger signal to be able to hear anything in the earpiece, a strong signal that can only be emitted by a necklace in the immediate vicinity of the magnet. That’s why the inductive earpieces will never work without a necklace! These are the differences, otherwise, the system is used about the same as the GSM box with the standard MC-3500 micro-earpiece.

The GSM box has a built-in microphone, so the person at the other end of the line can hear the sounds around the box user. If you want to minimize risks and not have to speak, you can also choose a button camera for cheating that transmits live video images to your helper.


  • There is no need to have a telephone to you in the exam room;
  • It is undetectable;
  • The GSM box is a mini phone of the size of a matchbox;
  • GSM box responds automatically every time when your helper call SIM Card number;
  • Your help can be at any distance from you – it can be in another country;
  • The GSM box has a very high-performance microphone;
  • Battery life time until recharge: ~ 6 Hours and 500 standby;
  • Longer battery life during a phone conversation;
  • High capacity and rechargeable 800 mah lithium battery;
  • USB cable used to recharge the device.

Package Contains

  • GSM Box with mini LCD, model RM-200C;
  • Inductive Magnet Earpiece Kit conteins:
    • 4 x M size magnetic earpiece 3×1 mm;
    • 4 x L size magnetic earpiece 5×1 mm;
    • 2 x M size i-EarCheat spy Earpiece 6×6 mm;
    • 2 x L size i-EarCheat spy Earpiece 8×8 mm;
    • Special tool for eazy insert magnetic earpiece (optional);
    • Black oval magnet for correct positioning/remuving earpieces;
    • Special stick with magnetic head for eazy remuve earpieces;
  • MicroUSB charghing cable for GSM Box;
  • Quick Start Guide in Text format and Video on YouTube;
  • Warranty Certificate.


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