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    BlueTooth with Micro...

    €60.00 €79.00

    This Cheat on Exam device with Bluetooth and MC-2000 Micro-Headset is one of high performance made of Bluetooth with specially modified inductor necklace and a wireless skin coloured MC-2000 micro-headset. The system is compatible with any cell phone model, has a feature of Automatic Answer to call and call of the last number in the list without having to use the phone, performance microphone and is very easy to use.

    System consisting of:

           - a Bluetooth with the role to take over the sound from the phone,

           - an inductor necklace that turns the voice into a wireless signal for the micro-headset,

           - MC-2000 Micro Headset: Receives wireless waves and plays them in the ear.

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    GSM Card With...

    €89.00 €110.00

    The most advanced non-wired system for cheating on exams. This system is recommended to be used for major and demanding exams, where you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone in the exam room.



         - of the size of a Bank Card,

         - the GSM Card replaces the mobile phone,

         - it's Undetectable!

         - It works in any GSM network,

         - Answers AUTOMATICALLY to the call,

         - and has a very high performance microphone,

         - Battery autonomy 6 ... 7 hours

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    i-Cheat S1 4K Cheating...

    €500.00 €600.00
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    The Latest Product for cheating to Exams: The mini camera that transmits real-time images at 4K UHD resolution with your topics on a sheet of paper or LCD monitor.

    - autofocus
    - sent images have 4K Ultra HD Resolution
    - your topics can be on paper or LCD Monitor
    - mini camera can send one 4K image each 30 seconds
    - camera have small size - Easy to hidden
    - you can hidden camera by replacing a button on the sleeve or chest

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    Profesional Cheating...

    €550.00 €689.00

    The kit contain a exam cheating mini camera i-Cheat S1 and a Gsm Box with a invisible spy earpiece.i-Cheat S1 camera send picture with your question in real time to your helper. With Gsm Box your helper can send it back answer for your questions.

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    PX-700 Cheating Camera...

    €550.00 €610.00

    Cheating exam device that is part of the Professional product range consisting of the a Video Camera in the Button to help you to send real-time images with topics to your helper and a GSM Box used to receive back answers from your helper. It fits both for the classic A4 paper exam and for the exams that the subjects are on an LCD monitor. The person receiving the pictures (your help) can be in any corner of the country or even in another country. Everything that needs your help is a laptop, a PC or a Tablet with Internet connection. Of course your helper need know how solve your topics and give to you back the right answers :)

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