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i-cheat s1 Cheating on Exam Camera 4k
  • i-cheat s1 Cheating on Exam Camera 4k
  • 4K mini button cheat camera
  • spy camera for cheating on exam test

i-Cheat S1 4K Cheating on Exam Camera


The Latest Product for cheating to Exams: The mini camera that transmits real-time images at 4K UHD resolution with your topics on a sheet of paper or LCD monitor.

- autofocus
- sent images have 4K Ultra HD Resolution
- your topics can be on paper or LCD Monitor
- mini camera can send one 4K image each 30 seconds
- camera have small size - Easy to hidden
- you can hidden camera by replacing a button on the sleeve or chest


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     i-cheat S1 is a mini button camera that can send a 4k UHD picture with your topics, every time you press the button. The camera can send one picture every 25 .... 30 seconds, depending on the upload speed available.

     The i-cheat S1 mini Camera can be used successfully for any exam whose duration is longer than one hour. If the exam takes less than an hour, it is recommended to use a mini camera that make live video streaming, because it can be difficult to send pictures of the subjects in a short time.

     Cameras that make live video streaming are recommended to be used only for exams where the duration of time is less than one hour. This type of cameras that make live video streaming requires a very high upload speed to the internet.

     For example i-cheat s1 sends a 4k picture(2mb size) in about 25 seconds on the 4G network and about 50 seconds on the 3G network. Think about the video files having 25-30 FPS (pictures sent in one second), so you would need a huge internet speed to be able to stream 4k video in real time.
     Since GSM networks cannot yet offer this high upload speed, the resolution of live-streaming video cameras is limited enough to operate on the 4G network. This is the reason why video calls on Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook look pretty bad even if your phone's camera is high performance.
     Perhaps the new 5G network that is being implemented in the near future will be able to offer a upload speed high enough to send real-time video at 4K resolution.
     So use a Camera that sends video in real time only if your exam takes less than an hour, because these camcorders that send video in real time have a much smaller resolution, have much larger dimensions, have lower battery life and can operate only if the area where the exam is held is available a 4G gsm network, as opposed to the i-cheat s1 mini camera which can work without problems and with a 3G GSM network.

     The i-Cheat S1 camera is able to send send pictures at a very high resolution. This means that your help from home can give very large zoom on the picture, the writing being clearly observed.
     The large viewing angle, but also the high resolution that the camera i-Cheat S1 have, allows in a single picture sent to see a full A4 sheet of paper or the entire LCD monitor from a distance of about 50 ... 70 centimeters between the mini button camera and the sheet of paper (LCD Monitor).

Here you will see some sample images sent by the camera i-Cheat S1 from some of our clients. Not forget select Video Quality 2160p 4k!

     Whether your subjects are on a sheet of paper or on the LCD monitor, the i-Cheat S1 mini-camera will be able to send them to your home helper easily. In the pictures received, your helper from home can see the topics very clearly. It is important that after you press the button to send a picture, do not move the camera in the first seconds, otherwise the received pictures will be seen in the fog.

How do you send a picture?
It is very simple:
     You just need to briefly press once on the button and then not move the mini camera in the first 5 seconds. The i-cheat s1 Mini Camera will take a picture that will be sent automatically to your helper from home. The picture will reach your home helper in about 25 sec (4G) - 50 sec (3G)

We have many clients, and from their experience we can guarantee that as usual with a maximum of 5..6 photos sent, your help receives all the topics

How are the photos received by your helper?
     The camera will automatically send a picture each time you press that button at an email address. Each mini-camera i-Cheat S1 comes with a unique email address. This email address is set by us and you cannot change it (it is an email address generated with a random name).
     In the user manual you will find the email address that your camera has and also the login password. For your confidentiality you can change the password after you receive the mini-camera.
     You can hide the button on the body underneath the clothes wherever you think you have easier access to press on it during the exam. Between the mini camera and the button you have a wire about 1.2 meters long so you can put the button anywhere you want. The wire is very thin and extremely flexible so you can hide it easily.

What is the distance that the person who will help you can be?
     i-Cheat S1 will send the pictures to an email address. Thus the person who is going to help you can be in any location where he has access to the internet, even in another country. It only needs a laptop or PC desk, any phone or tablet with internet access.

i-Cheat S1 sends photos to an email address. Where does the mini-camera have access to the internet?
     In order to be able to send photos to an email address, the mini camera needs internet access. You can provide internet access to the mini-camera with any smartphone with the help of Hotspot function and Mobile Data, or you can use mini wifi box 4G Router, like Huawei 5577 or similar device(Search Google to see what it looks like).

How can you mount the camera on the body?
     I-Cheat S1 uses state-of-the-art technology, allowing it to have extraordinarily small size with high performance. The very small dimensions will help you a lot to hide the mini-camera i-Cheat S1 easily and without giving anything suspicious to the people in your juices.
     You can mount the camera on your body by replacing one of the buttons on the t-shirt on the sleeve or chest. You will have to macke some tests and choose where you will mount the mini-camera where you think it is best for you.
If the buttons remaining on the shirt differ from the one in which the mini-camera is located, there is no problem because the mini-camera i-Cheat S1 comes with 10 spare buttons so that all the buttons on your shirt will be the same.

     Unlike the older models, the i-Cheat S1 mini camera comes with automatic image focus function. So you don't have to turn the buttons to adjust the focus - the i-Cheat S1 mini camera will focus on the image alone. All you have to do is just press the button and not move in the first 5 seconds, because in those first 5 seconds the mini-camera auto focuses the image and if you move in those first 5 seconds the sent image will be in the fog.

What is the battery autonomy of the device?
     The camera has no internal battery. The dimensions of the device are extraordinarily small. In addition, the very strict regulations imposed lately by international transport companies such as DHL, UPS or Fedex, make sending devices with Li-ion batteries inside very difficult from incidents when Samsung phones caught fire in airplanes.
     Therefore, in order to avoid the refusal of the international transport companies to take the parcel for shipment, they decided that these devices should be manufactured without internal accumulators.
Mini Camera i-Cheat S1 have MicroUSB connector, so you can use any portable battery for charging phone. The mini camera has very low power consumption, so you can use a small portable external battery. To exemplify a 2500 mAh portable battery, it offers autonomy to the video camera over 10 hours of continuous operation. It is extremely large but unfortunately smaller portable batteries are not manufactured.
     The most common batteries that we all know are 5000 - 10,000 mAh, i-Cheat S1 will work with these batteries but the autonomy offered is too high. A 10,000mAh portable battery would offer a battery life of more than 7 days but has large dimensions which makes it difficult to hide. When an exam lasts for up to 4 hours, there is no point in taking such a large portable battery because you hide it harder. Usually a portable battery of 2000 .... 3000 mAh offers sufficient autonomy for a minimum of 10 hours of continuous operation, and the portable battery is easy to hide because it has the dimensions close to those of a finger.
     You can buy the portable battery(power bank) separately from your city from any GSM accessories store. The price may vary from 10 to 20 USD depending on the manufacturing company.

     - Size: 2cm x 4cm x 0.3cm
     - Internal Procesor: ARM Quad Core 1.8 GHz
     - Internal RAM Memory: 2GB DDR3
     - Internal Memory: 16Gb
     - OS: special made for Examdevices.com
     - can send unlimited noumber of pictures
     - compatible with 2.4Ghz WiFi band (any smartphone or mini wifi box)
     - MicroUSB Connector


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