Mini Button Camera To Cheat On Exam PX-100


This exam cheating device helps you send your exam topics in real time (Live) without having to whisper during the exam the topics to the person who is helping you and who is going to send you the solutions. The Mini Video Camera automatically transmits images of the topics to the person who helps you. The person who helps you must have a Mobile Phone or a Tablet where, with the help of a previously installed application, it will receive LIVE the VIDEO you send during the exam.

     - Small size - eazy to hidden
     - Device can Send Live HD Video with your topics
     - Distance between your helper and you is max 50....100 Meter

Limited Stock !!!

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     The distance between the Mini Camera and Your Help awaiting the topics must be of maximum 100 meters, so the person receiving the topics (your help) must stay inside the building in the hallway, one floor above or below in a room but just above or below the room where this exam is taken if he/she has access to the building where the exam is taken.

     If your help does not have access to the building where the exam is taken then he/she can stay outside the building but no farther than 10 ... 20 meters from the building and necessarily on the same side of the building where the windows of the room where the exam is taken are located. Your help needs to stay for a few minutes before taking a few pictures of topics after which he/she can leave the area, as the solutions can be dictated at any distance. The WiFi connection between the camera and the phone has a password and a name that you can change too, so no one will be able to connect to your camera and even if absurdly he/she manages to do this (the password is very hard to break) he/she cannot view nothing since a dedicated application for image reception needs to be installed.

     It is quite difficult to guarantee a distance because it depends from one location (building) to another but to help you get an idea of ​​the distance to which the camera transmits you can compare the distance between your Phone and a Wireless Router for the Internet. More specifically, if you are connected with your phone to your Wireless Router at home, you will notice that the distance between the router and the wireless phone is weaker. The distance between the mini camera and the phone is about the same distance from a mobile phone and a wifi router that you have at home.

     If the one who helps and awaits the topics has no access either in the building or in the immediate vicinity of it then you need a mini video camera that transmits Live images on an unlimited distance, but which is a bit more expensive and that you can find here

     The cheating camera very closely imitates a common button. You will drop a button from a shirt (from a sleeve or from the chest) and you will connect the new button with the camera. If the new button differs from the one from the shirt, there is no problem because you will also find four replacement buttons that are identical to the one with the camera, so there will be no difference between the buttons.

cheat on exam mini button camera

How does this video camera system for cheating work?

     The Video Button Camera delivers high-definition HD images to a cell phone or tablet. The maximum distance between the one who carries the camera and the one who receives the LIVE pictures should not exceed ~ 50 m .... maximum 70 m in open field without obstacles and about 2 floors in the building and no more than 10 ... 20 m from the building, and if he/she has access inside the building, there should be no more than 2 dividing walls between you (this means that you can stay 1-2 floors below or above).

You can use absolutely any Phone or Tablet but it should be with Android or IOS. It does not work on Windows!

Advantages of the video camera for cheating:

     - sends very clear and luminous images,

     - easy to hide on the body - the copying video camera is masked by a button and the emission module is of the size of 2 boxes of matches,

     - transmits live images directly to your phone or tablet without other receivers and separate power supplies,

     - You can use any brand and phone or tablet model with Android or IOS

     - you can record videos or take pictures on your phone or tablet, so it takes a maximum of 2 ... 5 minutes for someone to stay in the area after which they can go and dictate from elsewhere,

     - There is NO need for the Internet or any special network, the video camera for cheating creates a single network like a wifi router,

     - Does NOT interfere with other cheating systems,

     - You can walk very easily with a mobile phone near the building or even on the hallways of the building if you have access inside - You will not look suspicious (with your laptop it is harder to sit)

mini button camera invisible undetectable for cheating on exams


     - Manufacturers:

             - camera lens: Sony

             - electronics: Panasonic

             - Battery: Samsung S6 1900 mAh 9 Whr

     - Battery life: ~ 2 hours

     - Charge time: ~ 2 hours

     - Dimensions:

            - Emitter: of the size of two boxes of matches

            - Video Camera for cheating: as a button

            - Cable length between the camera and the transmitter: ~ 1m

The package contains:

     - Video Camera in Button

     - WiFi emitter (of the size of a box of matches),

     - 4 x Exchange Buttons – in order to be all identical buttons,

     - Micro USB cable for charging

     - Very detailed user manual,

     - Warranty Certificate 36 Months.

This mini device is just to send Live the topics and has no audio included. In order to receive the answers, you also need a wireless headset system that is purchased separately. Choose one from here


- What is the real distance between the one who has the camera and the one who receives the LIVE images?

          I_ Answer: The real distance is about 2 floors and 10m..20m next to the building provided you are on the side and near the window or 50 meters ...... 70 meters with no obstacles. A 4-storey building has 13 meters *. Because with the phone you do not look suspicious, the one who receives the images can also stay inside the building, if he/she has access inside, in the hallway for 5 minutes as he makes a film with the topics or some pictures.

- How long the battery works? Can it be recharged?

          I_ Answer: A full charge is sufficient for approximately 2 hours of continuous operation, after which you have to recharge the battery. Reuse it whenever you need it.

- Is the image clarity good? Can the little small writing of the grid type can be seen?

          I_ Answer: Clarity is a good 720p HD, you will not have trouble distinguishing letters and numbers, whether smaller. Assemble the button with the camera in your sleeve and you can easily zoom in, zoom out move left, right up or down on the sheet as you will be instructed through the headset by the one waiting for the topics outside. (he/she sees on the phone and will guide you through the headset where to move the camera)

- Is the wireless headset audio system included?

          I_ Answer: Your video camera is just for transmitting LIVE images topics to the outside, you cannot receive your solutions back. To get the answers back, you also need a wireless cheating headset. You can use absolutely any system for cheating with the wireless headset because they do not have to be compatible with each other!

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