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BlueTooth with Micro Headset

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This Cheat on Exam device with Bluetooth and MC-2000 Micro-Headset is one of high performance made of Bluetooth with specially modified inductor necklace and a wireless skin coloured MC-2000 micro-headset. The system is compatible with any cell phone model, has a feature of Automatic Answer to call and call of the last number in the list without having to use the phone, performance microphone and is very easy to use.

System consisting of:

       - a Bluetooth with the role to take over the sound from the phone,

       - an inductor necklace that turns the voice into a wireless signal for the micro-headset,

       - MC-2000 Micro Headset: Receives wireless waves and plays them in the ear.

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Advantages using this Bluetooth with micro-headset system:

     - You do not have any more wires on your body,

     - The connection between the mobile phone and the device is done wirelessly via Bluetooth

     - As there is no connection between the phone and the device, the phone can be easily hidden somewhere under the clothes

The operating principle of this cheating on exam system:

     The Micro Headset CANNOT receive a direct signal from the phone because the phone does not transmit a wireless audio signal that can be received by the cheating headset unless it the phone is used and changes are made (not recommended).

     This way, Bluetooth takes the voice of the one whispering on the phone, turns it into a signal compatible with the micro-headset and with the help of the inductor necklace sends it wirelessly to the cheating headset. The Japanese headset captures the waves and transmits them to the ear. At the same time, Bluetooth captures with the help of a high-performance internal microphone all the neighbouring sounds (you whisper the topics), sends them wirelessly to the phone and to the home help who is waiting for the topics. Thus, your home help will always hear what happens in the exam room.

How to Use This Cheat on Exam Bluetooth Headset System

It is very simple:

     - Put the battery in the headset and then insert it into your ear,

     - Turn on the Bluetooth system,

     - Activate the Bluetooth connection from the phone (compatible with any phone),

     - Search for new devices and connect the cheating system to your phone

     - Put the inductor necklace around your neck,

     - Call the one who whispers you before you enter the examination room,

     - You can call the last number in the list by pressing on the Bluetooth at the base of your neck without having to use your mobile phone,

     - put the phone on silent and hide it somewhere with you,

     - you can dictate the topics- on Bluetooth, a little below the base of the neck you have a very high-performing microphone - it also captures the whispers!

Bluetooth V4.1 systems have the following advantages:

     - have the most sensitive microphone of all systems - the home help will hear how someone steps through the room,

     - battery life is very high: GUARANTEED 5 ... 6 hours!

     - the sound of the headset is clearer.

     - have Automatic Answer to Call and call of last number of the list feature,

To remember:

     - you can have the phone somewhere hidden with you or you can leave it on the bag, blouse, bag in the hanger but no longer than 10 m from you,

     - you can answer, close the call, call the last number in the call list directly from Bluetooth (it has a multifunctional button on it) without having to take out your mobile phone,

     - this Bluetooth system with Micro-Headset MC-2000 is very discreet, you cannot see or hear absolutely nothing outdoors,

     - The Bluetooth system has a high-performance microphone that captures the weakest sounds, even the noise made by the supervisor's steps as it walks through the exam room

     - renders the sound perfectly even if there is noise in the room,

     - autonomy about 6 hours of continuous operation,

     - Once connected to your phone, the cheating on exam system becomes hidden, you have to go to Bluetooth - options - visibility - hidden for everyone, any other phone or system that gives you search will find nothing,

     - The one who whispers can be anywhere in the world, he can also whisper from a landline in the US for example


The package contains:

     - Bluetooth with specially modified inductor necklace,

     - 1 x Micro Headset MC-2000 – HAVING THE  FULL SKIN COLOUR!!!

     - 5 x SONY 337, SR 416 SW Silver Oxide Original batteries

     - User manual,


- What phones are compatible with this Micro-Headset MC-2000 Bluetooth system?

          I_ Answer: This cheating on exam system due to the V4.1 standard used is compatible with any phone model including the latest Iphone

- Can the micro-headset be seen in your ear?

          I_ Answer: NO! The MC-2000 model with Motorola speaker fully enters the ear, it's all skin-coloured and does not look like a plug in the ear as the one with black cap.

- Can the micro-headset remain stuck in the ear?

          I_ Answer: NO! The headset comes out of the ear by pulling with a tweezer on that antenna, and it's impossible to remain there blocked.

- Are they easy to detect because they use Bluetooth technology?

          I_ Answer: NO. Though this myth circulates and we do not know who spread it, the cheating on exam systems with Bluetooth are also the safest cheating on exam systems from all of the existing ones. Bluetooth systems emit low-intensity signals that can only be detected with professional detectors that only the police have! Plus, once you pairing with your phone was made, no other phone can see the Bluetooth connection (it becomes hidden). We GUARANTEE this by giving your money back for the system!

- What of the call gets interrupted?

          I_ Answer: Press twice in the neck area where you have the Bluetooth, and the phone automatically dials the last number in the list.

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