All product from us site benefit from warranty conditions that are in line with the applicable law and the commercial policy of manufacturers. The minimum warranty for a product is of 12 months.

        The Buyer has the obligation to read the user manual and use the products according to the manual. Below are some basic rules:

              - Do not leave the devices or accessories in the reach of small children

              - Keep the device dry. Humidity and all types of liquids may contain minerals that will corrode electronic circuits.

              - Do not use or store the devices in areas with dust and dirt.

              - Keep the devices away from heat sources. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries and deform or melt certain plastics.

              - Do not store the device in cold areas. When the device returns to normal temperature, moisture may form inside the device and may damage electronic boards.

              - Do not try to open the device casing.

              - Do not drop, do not hit or shake the device. Hard handling can lead to interruption of internal circuits and fine mechanics.

              - Do not use harmful chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents to clean the device.

              - Do not paint the device. Paint can block moving parts and can prevent proper operation.

       The deadline for us to resolve an issue is 15 business days from the moment the product arrives at us. The transport time is not included in these 15 days. As a rule, to shorten the period during which the customer does not have the product, we replace the product with a new one and so within maximum 2 to 3 days the new product will be shipped back to the customer.

       Due to high manufacturing standards through the use of quality materials and by maintaining strict control over every detail of product quality and production, the situations where products do not work or work in other parameters are quite rare.

       However, if there is a problem, the first thing you need to do is contact us and communicate your problem. 90% of the issues are solved by one of our Live Chat operators, because in most cases the problem is not a defect but an inappropriate use. We are always trying to improve our user manuals and to include in them the situations that come up, for an easy use of devices.

For any problem or doubt on the product and for any other information you wish to find out, do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat