For customers in the Netherlands, will send the parcels by means of one of the local courier companies, and payment will be made upon delivery of the package. Optionally, it can also be sent with the possibility to open and check the parcel before paying the courier.

        For customers in countries other than the Netherlands, products ordered from can be paid by:

                Paypal: Paypal paid orders will be sent to the Paypal account only at the time of payment.

                - Bank Transfer: Once you have completed your order, you will receive all the necessary information to make the transfer and complete the purchase. Do not forget to include the order number among the details of the transfer in order for us to easily identify the payment. Once you have paid, you must send us a copy of the receipt to facilitate the order processing process. Very important: Bank transfers can take between 2 and 5 business days to reach us, so it's not a good way to pay if you want a quick shipment. We will send you the parcel only after we receive the money in our account.

               Western Union or Money Gram: After completing your order, you will receive the details required to make the payment. After making the payment, you must send us a picture of the receipt. The parcel will be shipped immediately after receiving the money.

For any information we are available to you by means of the Live Chat service:


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