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i-cheat s1 exam cheating camera 4K
  • i-cheat s1 exam cheating camera 4K
  • gsm box with invisible earpieces

Profesional Cheating kit: S1 Camera and Gsm Box

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The kit contain a exam cheating mini camera i-Cheat S1 and a Gsm Box with a invisible spy earpiece.i-Cheat S1 camera send picture with your question in real time to your helper. With Gsm Box your helper can send it back answer for your questions.


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     This is a professional system for cheating on exams that contains a mini camera in the buttons and a gsm box with a mini earpiece. i-cheat s1 camera has the role to send to your helper from wherever it is(can be in another country), pictures with your questions. The gsm box with mini earpiece is used to receive back the answers to the your questions. This model of Gsm Box uses a very small earpiece, which is almost impossible to see in your ear. The mini earpiece have completely skin color, which makes it more difficult to see in your ear.

invisible earpiece for cheat


i-Cheat S1 mini button Camera:

     - send high quality 4K image with your questions,

     - can be used for exams with questions on A4 paper or LCD monitor,

     - easy to use - no need install special app for receiving images,

     - small size - easy to hide under your clothes.


How works  i-Cheat S1 camera?

     Is very simple! The camera has a very thin wire 1.5 meters long. At the end of the wire is a mini button. Each time you press the button, the mini camera will take a picture and send it automatically to an email address. From the moment when you press the button until the picture arrive to your helper, it can take about 20 ... 25 seconds. So you can send one picture every 20-25 seconds.

     The button will hide it on the body where you think you have easier access to press it during the exam. For example, many clients stick to their elbows with a medical patch. Thus, every time when you press your elbow on the table, the camera will make and send a picture to your home helper. It's just an example, you have to do more tests before the exam and you will put the mini button where you think it is best for you.


How to provide internet access for the mini camera?

     In order to be able to send pictures with the questions in real time to your helper from home, the camera needs a wifi internet connection. You can give internet to the Camera i-Cheat S1 using your own mobile phone. All smartphones have the function of "Personal Hotspot" and "Data Mobile". With these two functions from your mobile phone the camera will have access to the internet and will be able to send pictures with your questions in any corner of the world.

     The mini camera communicates with your phone via WiFi, so the distance between the phone and the camera will have to be no more than 3 ... 5 meters. Of course, in the exam room you are not allowed to enter with a mobile phone, but you can hide it somewhere on the body under the clothes. If you do not want to have your cell phone hidden on the body, you can use a mini 4G LTE WiFi router. You can buy any 4G mini router from the local market (for example: Huawei e5577). 

More detail about mini camera you can read from here: I-Cheat S1 4K Cheating On Exam Camera.


Gsm Box with Invisible mini earpiece:

     - It works in any GSM network in any country,

     - There is no need to have a telephone to you in the exam room, no wires on the body, no necklace around the neck etc.

     - The GSM box is a mini phone of the size of a matchbox,

     - The GSM box RESPONDS AUTOMATICALLY every time the SIM card number is called,

     - The GSM box has a very high-performance microphone - your helper can heard when someone walks through the exam room.

More detail about Gsm Box with mini invisible earpiece can read from here: Gsm Box with earpiece


The package includes:

 - Gsm Box:

     - 1 x GSM Box of the skin colour in order to hide it easily,

     - 1 x Micro Headset MC-2000 OF SKIN COLOUR!

     - 6 x SONY 337, SR 416 SW Silver Oxide Original Battery

     - 1 x cable for charging the GSM box

- i-Cheat S1 Camera:

     - 1 x mini button camera i-Cheat S1

     - 10 x buttons for replace (same model like button where is camera inside) - all the buttons on the shirt have the same pattern,

     - 1 x micro USB Cable for camera

- very detailed instructions for use

- warranty certificate


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