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Earpiece with camera for cheating on exams test
  • Earpiece with camera for cheating on exams test
  • invisible earpiece with hidden spy camera for cheat on exam
  • hidden camera with earpiece for cheat on exam test driving licence
  • Camera for cheating on exams test
  • Invisible earpiece with camera for cheating on exam

PX-700 Cheating Camera and GSM Box

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Cheating exam device that is part of the Professional product range consisting of the a Video Camera in the Button to help you to send real-time images with topics to your helper and a GSM Box used to receive back answers from your helper. It fits both for the classic A4 paper exam and for the exams that the subjects are on an LCD monitor. The person receiving the pictures (your help) can be in any corner of the country or even in another country. Everything that needs your help is a laptop, a PC or a Tablet with Internet connection. Of course your helper need know how solve your topics and give to you back the right answers :)


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The system contains two devices:
       - PX-700 Video Camera
       - GSM Box with Invisible Earpiece


       The PX-700 Video Camera has the role of filming and transmitting to your helper from home your topics. The images are automatically transmitted on the internet from the moment you turn on the camera (you do not have to do anything during the exam time) and the camera needs Internet access.

     The gsm box with mini earpiece is used to receive back the answers to the your questions. This model of Gsm Box uses a very small earpiece, which is almost impossible to see in your ear. The mini earpiece have completely skin color, which makes it more difficult to see in your ear.

Invisible mini earpiece for cheating on exam test


You can provide internet access to your PX-700 camera in 2 ways:
     - with its own Phone - Hotspot function and Mobile Data
     - you can buy a 4G mini Router


       If you choose to use your own mobile phone, you should know that it is intended to take the pictures from the camera to the button and to forward them to the internet. There's no wires between your camera and your cell phone, so you can hide your phone or you can put it in your purse, the map, the hooded blouse, the outer pillow, anywhere but no more than 20 ... 30 yards from you .

       You usually do not have a phone in the exam room, but if nobody checks you, you can put it somewhere in you. Any brand of mobile phone that is compatible with 3G, 4G networks will be used


If you choose to use the 4G Router you need to know that there is absolutely no difference in terms of performance. Using a 4G Mini Router would have the following advantages:
     - is a little smaller than a cell phone
     - has dedicated internet-only software
     - it's stable, no one can call and disturb you during the exam


It's not hard to figure out the benefits of using these two systems together: first of all you will greatly ease the task of the one who helps you and then you are less stressed and:

You have more chances to pass the exam with success !


More detail about camera can find here: Cheating on Exam Camera PX-700

More detail about GSM Box can find here: GSM Box with invisible Earpiece

You can choise wichoane model audio divice you want:

     - GSM Box With Inductive Nano Earpieces Neckloop

     - GSM Card With Invisible Earpiece NEW 2019

Final price is the same for no matter what audio device you choose. You need to write on order detail wichoane model you want: Copy and paste name from product page.


The package includes:
- PX-700 mini camera
- 10 exchange buttons identical with the camera
- Battery charging Micro USB Cable

- 1 x GSM Box of the skin colour in order to hide it easily,

- 1 x Micro Headset MC-2000 OF SKIN COLOUR!

- 6 x SONY 337, SR 416 SW Silver Oxide Original Battery

- 1 x cable for charging the GSM box

- Very detailed User Manual

- Warranty Certificate

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