How to cheat in exams

Published : 03/01/2018 12:47:22
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How to cheat in exams

Sometimes you show up on a test day or on an exam under prepared, and there’s no worse feeling that knowing you are about to flunk. We have prepared for you some of the best cheating methods for passing an exam easily, hi - tech vs.traditional methods.


Hi-tech methods

GSM Box Method. One of the most advanced method ever invented. If you ar not allowed to take your smartphone on exam you can use a special GSM box. What you have to do in this case? It’s simple – you just have to insert a SIM card into the box than you will recieve a call from the friend that isi dictating your replies to exam questions. Alongside a wireless spy earpiece, the GSM box is 100% undetectable.


Wireless Earpiece Method. The wireless spy earpiece represents the novelty on the market. This is a tiny tool and of nude color. Once you insert the wireless earpiece inside the ear, it cannot be seen by others. This spy earpiece is compatible with all smartphones, even MP3 players. Suits for MP3 audio files listening and for secret phone communication.


The Headphone in Sleeve. Also a very popular and used cheating method is using the smartphone along a standard headphone. To hide this headphone the user has to hide the headphone, to slide it through the sleeve while the cell phone remains in the pocket. The user has to make sure that the sound is adjusted in advance, not to be caught by the teacher.


Sms Method. If your smartphone is nearby and if you have a friend able to help you, you can send a text message with the exam questions. Your friend will be sitting in front of a computer or in front of the books in order to find and send you replies. A good news is that you and your friend may send images for quicker communication, not SMS.


Google Searching. As incredible as it may seem, students find a way to search a reply in Google. In this case they should pick a seat that is out of direct visibility of the superviser. For better results they should bookmark in advance the necessary resources.


Traditional methods

Notes on arms/legs. On of the best traditional methods consists in writing hints on the arms or on the legs. In this case you have to make sure that the parts of the body written are covered, well hidden under clothes when the teacher is near.


Hidden paper notes. One of the best among traditional cheating methods is using tiny paper notes. How you can cheat on a test using this method? It’s simplier than you can think. You can write or print the exam replies on a tiny piece of paper and then simply hide it somewhere – in the sleeve, on a seat or under the exam paper. When the teacher is near you, you have to hide the note.


Draft Method. if you want to know how to cheat in exams, and make sure you will pass that exam you have to make drafts for each question on a separate sheet. Than you can put them in the correct order into your dictionanry or book, or under the jacket. Having recieved the exam questions from the teacher you can simply pull out the draft you need and put it under the exam paper.


Bottle Label. If you are allow to take a bottle of water to the exam, you can use its label for writing all the necessary information on the back side. You may take Coca-Cola because is not transparent and hide the notes, then taking some sips.

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