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The best cheating camera on exam find it here. We have high performances exam cheating gadgets for students.

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  • Mini Button Camera To...

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    This exam cheating device helps you send your exam topics in real time (Live) without having to whisper during the exam the topics to the person who is helping you and who is going to send you the solutions. The Mini Video Camera automatically transmits images of the topics to the person who helps you. The person who helps you must have a Mobile Phone or a Tablet where, with the help of a previously installed application, it will receive LIVE the VIDEO you send during the exam.

         - Small size - eazy to hidden
         - Device can Send Live HD Video with your topics
         - Distance between your helper and you is max 50....100 Meter

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  • Mini Button Camera To...

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    Mini Video Camera in Button for cheating on important and demanding exams, capable of transmitting LIVE images with the topics, both from a sheet of paper and from a LCD monitor. It is the latest model and the most advanced video camera system for cheating on exams, and is part of the professional product range.

    Transmits LIVE Images without distance limit

         - Battery life ~ 3 h
         - Small size - easy to hide
         - Transmits images with yours topics in Real Time
         - The person who receives the images can stay at any distance, even in another country

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  • Mini Button Camera To...

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    The PX-500 Pro Xtreme is the best video camera for cheating on exams that transmits LIVE HD quality images with your topics without the need for your help who whispers you the answers to be near the building where the exam is taken – the camera transmits LIVE to thousands of kilometres in just 1-3 sec. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials used, the size has considerably reduced both in case of the image processing unit and of the video camera from the button.

    The PX-500 Pro Xtreme is part of the 2018 Professional range of products that are used for very important exams.

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    i-Cheat S1 4K Cheating...

    €500.00 €600.00
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    The Latest Product for cheating to Exams: The mini camera that transmits real-time images at 4K UHD resolution with your topics on a sheet of paper or LCD monitor.

    - autofocus
    - sent images have 4K Ultra HD Resolution
    - your topics can be on paper or LCD Monitor
    - mini camera can send one 4K image each 30 seconds
    - camera have small size - Easy to hidden
    - you can hidden camera by replacing a button on the sleeve or chest

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