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    Micro Earpiece MC-2000


    The Micro Headset MC-2000 is the latest wireless headset model which came out in 2018 that has the smallest sizes so far and is entirely in the skin colour, including the back battery cover. These new enhancements make the new MC-2000 Micro-Headset fit perfectly into your ear, being totally invisible even if you look from a small distance to the ear.

    We guarantee you that the MC-2000 Micro Headset is completely invisible in your ear!

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  • Sony 337 Battery for...


    The Sony SR416SW 337 is a small-sized battery that is used for both hand watches and for Micro-Headset MC-2000. It's an Original Sony battery made in Japan with silver oxide that gives you better autonomy.

    SONY batteries are the best on the market and are better than Varta or Renata and far better than Maxwell (Maxwell are the weakest in terms of quality).

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  • Inductive Magnet Nano...


    Tiny size magnet is used to be an earpiece, with best invisibility effect.

    It's harmless, only need people have skill to wear the Nano Earpiece.

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