International DHL Express Shipments

Where can we send parcels?

We can deliver goods to any point of the world during the shortest period. The simplest is to check if there is a DHL office nearby where you want the package to arrive. If there is, yes, we can send you the product(s) you want.

We chose to work together with the DHL Company because they can deliver very fast to almost any location in the world, even the most remote locations on the globe.

Should I worry about the contents of the package?

The sale and use of these types of devices is not prohibited. For example, if you buy a knife and you can use it to cut a slice of bread, but you can also use it to hurt someone. It is everyone’s responsibility how they want to use the purchased device. In addition, when preparing the shipping formalities, for the content of the package will not use words such as: spy device or cheating for exams. So you don’t have to worry, your package will reach you.

Packaging and protection of products during transport

These devices are very small and light. That’s why the package will also be a small one. The products are carefully packed and protected with protective film with air bubbles.

From our experience, we can guarantee you that the DHL transport company handles the parcels carefully and it has never happened that a parcel arrived damaged at the destination addressee. As an additional measure, all packages sent by us have their contents insured. 

We are in close contact with DHL and if it happens that when you receive the package you notice that it is damaged, please refuse to receive it, take pictures of the package and contact them as soon as possible.

Delivery Time

Delivery time depends on the destination location. If you are in a non-EU country, your parcel may be a subject to customs control. It can rarely happen that the customs authorities want to physically check the contents of the package (that it does not contain weapons, drugs, flammable substances, etc.) and thus there may be an extra one day of delay

Europe: 2-3 Days – NO customs procedure required!

UK: 2-3 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made

USA / Canada: 3-5 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made

Australia: 4-6 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made

Africa: 4-6 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made

Middle East: 5-7 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made

All Arabic State: 5-7 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made

Rusia: 3-5 Days – depend how quick customs procedure is made (Indisponible for the moment)

Shipping Back for Return

To send a product back to us, you can use any international transport company. In this situation, the cost of shipping will be paid by you. Before sending a package to us, please contact us and let us know about this so that we can wait for it to arrive. Please pack the products properly and give us the tracking number after shipping.

Cash on Delivery?

Unfortunately, at the moment there are absolutely no international shipping companies that offer this service. The “cash on delivery” service is usually only available for domestic shipments (internal country) – not international.

But if you know that this service exists at any international shipping company, please give us the details, then we will also contact the respective company here and if possible we will send the package only if the cost for shippment is payd in advance. And when the package reaches you, you will only pay for the product(s) you ordered.

If you don’t want to pick up the package, it’s no problem, it will return to us, but we won’t be able to refund you the money for the shipping you paid before.

Can I change the delivery address?

If the parcel has not yet been delivered to DHL, the delivery address or any information can be easily changed. You will need to contact us and provide us with your new delivery address or any new information.

But if the package was delivered to DHL, it is possible to change any information about your package, but there may be delays in the delivery of your package. Try to provide the correct information from the start so we don’t have to make changes later.

Can i track my package?

If you chose to place an order without creating an account on our website, make sure that at the time of placing the order you use a correct and valid email address, because there you will receive updated information in real time about the status of your order, including the number of tracking for your package and link to the DHL website where you can see where your package is.

If you chose to create an account on our website, you can find all the information about your order in your account on the website.

Remember that our website is regularly updated and secured to the latest versions. Your information is safe and we will absolutely not use it for any purpose other than strictly to ship your package. Upon request, we can delete your account from the website.

Payment of Customs Duties

Do I have to pay anything extra when I receive the package?

If the location where the package is delivered is in the European Union, you don’t have to pay anything, regardless of whether the buyer is only temporarily in the EU and has documents from a non-EU country.

For the destination locations, which do not belong to the European Community, depending on the country of destination, there is the possibility of having to pay certain customs taxes when you receive the package.

Each country has its own rules, you will have to find out yourself if there are customs duties. For example, if the buyer has a delivery address in the USA (even if he has documents from Africa, for example), for parcels whose value is less than 800 usd, customs duties are NOT charged.

Can a lower value be declared for customs?

When the package shipping documentation is drawn up, we can only put the right value of the product. It is your job if, when the package arrives at you, you will be able to convince the customs officials that the value has been entered incorrectly.

We do not recommend this practice, since customs fees, if any (many countries do not charge customs fees), are not very high.

By continuing to work with us, the buyer declares that he has read and understood our policies and agrees with them.

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