Cookies Policy

1. What is that Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer or mobile device and, during subsequent visits, is recovered from them. If you use our services, browse or buy from the website, we will assume that you agree to the use of such a cookie.

2. How we use these Cookies?

We use our own and third-party cookies to collect statistics and user data in aggregate and individual form in analysis tools to optimize our site and to provide you with relevant marketing materials.

Some third-party cookies are set by services that appear on our pages and are beyond our control. These are set by social media providers, such as Facebook, Google, and refer to the ability of users to share content from this site, as indicated by the respective icon, or to the possibility of logging in to the site, using these accounts.

We use cookies to monitor what you have purchased from us and what actions you have taken on the site. Our cookies do not retain personal data such as your name or bank details. They only allow us to find out information after you have logged in or help to make the connection between the information regarding the navigation done and your personal data.

We take the protection of your personal data seriously – we always monitor and improve the way we can protect it.

We have classified our cookies in the following categories, to make it easier for you to understand why we need them:

  • Functionality/Necessary – these help to improve your experience, for example by reminding you which products you have added to the basket, the authentication status on the site.
  • Marketing/Advertisement/Analytics/Performance – these are used to exchange certain information with third parties with whom we advertise, to know how you arrived at our site. We can also use cookies to identify the parts of the site you are interested in. We then use this information to show you advertisements and pages that we think may interest you, to personalize the way we communicate with you or to personalize the content of the communications we send you. If you prefer, you can choose to block them, from your own browser, by accessing the links with instructions from the “Block cookies” item on this page.

Cookies allow you to have a better experience visiting our website, and some of them are necessary for its proper functioning. We use cookies to:

  • protected access to confidential data from
  • improving the response time when accessing pages on the website
    access to the online store
  • registration of browsing preferences on the Personal or B2B section of the site
  • access to protected sections of the site (Your Account, Your Orders)
  • the display of personalized content, corresponding to a user’s reseller threshold
  • visitor analysis, in order to improve the experience on the site
  • recording the user’s acceptance for cookies from the first access to the site
  • temporary recording of the content previously viewed by the user, for
  • the display of relevant content during further navigation

3. How long does a cookie last?

The lifetime of cookies varies greatly from case to case, depending on the purpose of each cookie. As we indicated above, some cookies are used only for a single browsing session, while others persist for a certain period of time after you leave the site to facilitate the user’s interaction with the website.

Regardless of the type of cookies, you can always delete or disable them.

4. What main types of cookies are there?

There are cookies that are deleted as soon as you close your Internet browser (these are also called session cookies) and cookies that are stored on your device in order to be used also for your next visits to the site ( these are also called persistent cookies although, despite the name, they expire after a period of time). Persistent cookies are reactivated when you visit the site that placed them on your device again.

Depending on the person who places them on your device, there are first-party cookies (which we place on your device) or cookies placed by other people (these are also called third-party cookies).

5. What types of personal data do we collect?

We will connect a cookie only to the personal data sent and collected in connection with your account, only if you are connected to your account on

If you are not connected to your personal account in, we will not connect personal data. Occasionally, cookies can serve an additional purpose in certain sections of the site, for example to save your shopping cart or certain preferences related to the display of products in the catalog.

6. Who has access to your personal data?

The data transmitted to third parties are used only to offer you the services mentioned above, Analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel are used to collect statistics for the purpose of optimizing our site and to present you with relevant materials .

7. What is the legal basis for processing personal data?

We will connect cookies to personal data only if you are connected to your personal account in

If you are logged into your account, the legal basis is based on our legitimate interest.

8. Are cookies dangerous for my device?

Cookies are harmless. They do not contain programs, viruses or other harmful files and cannot access information on the user’s device. Because cookies are installed by requesting an Internet browser (its web server), only the web server that sent them can access them again when the user returns to the site associated with that web server.

However, cookies can be used for negative purposes, as a form of spyware. Many anti-spyware products, however, mark cookies to be deleted during anti-virus/antispyware deletion/scanning procedures.

In general, browsers have privacy settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, validity period and automatic deletion after the user has visited a website.

9. The complete list of cookies

Below you can find the complete and detailed list of all the cookies we use:

10. Cookies from third parties

There are situations where certain parts of other websites may appear on our website. Think, for example, of a Facebook Like button or a YouTube video – nowadays these options are present on almost every website. When these elements appear on our site, it means that we have allowed the companies that own the respective platforms to place cookies on it.

We allow some third-party cookies on our site, but we do not allow them for anyone. Third-party cookies are used primarily to provide you with a more useful experience, to make statistics about the number of visitors and how they use our website. For example, like or share buttons on websites may allow social networks to place cookies on the website.

We do not control these third-party cookies or the information they may collect, so please consult the policy of those providers if you want to know more. Because these are sites operated by other people, the cookies that enable their content to be placed on our site come from their operators, not from us. Third parties may use cookies for their own purposes. For information about these third-party cookies, please see their cookie policies.

11. How you can control cookie settings?

You can control the way you use cookies from your browser.

How can you check if cookies are activated on a PCs:

Google Chrome

  • Click on the menu button (three horizontal dots) located in the upper right part of your browser window and select “Settings” then “Show advanced settings”.
  • Locate the title “Data protection” and select “Content settings”
  • Now select “Allow local data setting”

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the menu button (three horizontal bars) located in the upper right part of your browser window and select “Options”
  • Then select the “Data protection” icon
  • Click on “Cookies”, then select “allow sites to set cookies”

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Click on the “Settings” icon (which looks like a cog wheel) located in the upper right part of the browser window and select “Internet Options”, then click on the “Data Protection” button
  • Make sure that the Data Protection level is set to Medium or lower, which will allow cookies in your browser.
  • Setting protection above Medium will disable cookies.

Safari on OX X

  • Click on “Safari” at the top of the browser window and select the “Preferences” option
  • Click on “Data Protection”
  • Select “Allow from websites they visit”

12. Changes to the cookie policy

Any change in the rules for the use of cookies will be published on this page and communicated on our website and sent by email, in order to permanently inform you about the types of information we collect and how we use them. If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at For more information, please visit the pages:

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