Depending on the product ordered, the existing stocks and the address where the package will be sent, the warehouses are used to be able to ship a package as quickly as possible.

Orders cannot be picked up directly from warehouses !!! Please do not insist! Here we do not have staff trained to work with the clients!

Customer service is only available in Romania. Here you can test products or from here you can pick up orders yourself.

Shop and Warehouse

Street:                b-dul Tudor Vladimirescu nr 1
City:                    Iasi
County:              Romania
Zip Code:           700305

Phone No:           0040785969636
Whatsapp No:    0040785969636

  • Monday – Friday:     08am – 10pm
  • Saturday:                  08am – 16pm
  • Sunday:                           Close

Please consider the time above, not your local time!


Street:                Hauptstraße 13
City:                    Berlin
County:              Germany
Zip Code:           10317

Products cannot be picked up from this address!



Street:                5th Avenue
City:                    New York
County:              United States
Zip Code:           NY 10035

Products cannot be picked up from this address!


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