Professional Button Camera i-Cheat S3 PRO

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I-Cheat S3 Pro it is the most performant mini button camera for cheating on exam or test.  The i-Cheat S3 Pro camera is a professional device, recommended for use on exigent exams. It is the smallest cheating camera ever, only 2 cm wide x 4 cm long and 0.3 cm thick. The processing unit is integrated in the button camera.

It is not necessary to have a black box on the body, as it should for the rest of the competing models. In addition, compared to other models, the i-cheat s3 needs a single very thin wire.

5 hours Battery Autonomy

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New Profesional Invisible Camera


New Professional mini button cheating camera for exam, has a range of up to 5 hours of continuous operation. So you can successfully use it for a long exam or if you have several exams, one after the other. It can be used both for exams where the topics are on paper and for those on the LCD computer monitors.

Invisible Cheating camera for exam 1

The i-Cheat S3 Pro it is the smallest cheating for  exam camera, and compared to the rest of the models, you have only one very thin wire on your body. I-Cheat S3 is developed and produced entirely in Europe. Compared to Chinese-made systems, the i-Cheat S3 has much higher quality standards.

The new i-Cheat S3 Pro cheating camera can operate in two ways: can send Full HD Live Video streaming or can take 4K pictures. The operating type can be switched remotely from application by the your helper in any time. You no need to press any button in exam time.

I-Cheat S3 Pro - Live Video Streaming


New Professional mini button cheating camera for exam, has a range of up to 5 hours of continuous operation. So you can successfully use it for a long exam or if you have several exams, one after the other. It can be used both for exams where the topics are on paper and for those on the LCD computer monitors.

The i-Cheat S3 Pro cheating camera for exam, is capable to send very quality Full HD video in real time. You have a great advantage due to the self-focusing lens in the button. Images will be clear regardless of whether you keep the camera closer or farther from the A4 page with topics or the lcd computer screen.

8mpx Test on A4 Paper - LCD Computer Screen

5mpx Test on A4 Paper - LCD Computer Screen

12 level for Video Quality


Another great advantage of this system is that your help can change the video quality at any time. You have to choise from 12 diferit level of quality

  • 1-3 Level worck well in areea where you have 3G signal
  • 4-9 Level worck well in areea where you have 4G LTE signal
  • 10-12 Level is designet only if you have 5G signal
I-Control application

Usual is used level between 3 and 5. With level 3 quality for video is enough for your helper to read clearly and easy topics.

Ordinary cheating cameras, which are made in China, have only 1 or 2 quality levels at most. The cheating camera developed by us especially for passing the exams have specific functions adapted for this type of use.

This makes it easier to submit topics to your helper. Your work and that of the person who helps you is made more easier and thus the chances of being caught decrease considerably and the chances of passing the exam increase.

Real time Video streaming


Your helper can receive live video images with only 1-2 seconds delay. This is because the i-Cheat S3 Pro has many paid Amazon High Speed servers worldwide for every continent.

Ordinary cheating camera use free web server services, usual all is in China. Because they are free servers, functionality cannot be 100% guaranteed.

At the same time, for cameras what have servers in China, you have to keep in mind that the video images leave from you, go first to China and then return back to your helper, which takes some time. So you automatically have a longer delay.

App for cheating camera for exam

I-Cheat S3 Pro can send 4k Pictures


With all cheating camera for exam your helper can take pictures of topics. But you have to differentiate between a screenshot for live video streaming and a 4k image sent by i-cheat s3 cheating camera.

Ordinary cameras only send live video streaming at a lower quality and resolution. This is due to the limitations of GSM internet networks. You can not send 4K Live Video streaming on 4G LTE GSM networks.

With the new 5G networks you can, but they are available in very few locations.

So with an ordinary camera, taking a screenshot of what the live camera is sending, the picture will have the same quality as the live video.

The i-Cheat S3 Pro cheating camera for exam have in app 2 buttons for remote taking pictures:

  • The first button HD is for take a screenshot of the live video stream, just like for a regular cheating camera.
  • The second button 4K will send a signal to the camera, the camera will take a very good quality picture and send it to the application. After your help presses the button from app, all processes are performed automatically. You from exam room no need press any button.

Advantages of using the 4k taking pictures method


The pictures sent by this method have a clearly superior quality to the screen shot method. The pictures received are similar to those taken with a mobile phone and you mai think it is impossible to be taken with a button camera.

The resolution and quality being very high, for example with a single 4k picture, you can send an entire A4 sheet or entire lcd computer screen.

Live video only works if you have a 4G LTE signal where you use cheating camera. If the signal is weak in that location, then the quality of the live streaming video may decrease slightly.

But the 4k picture method can work without any problems and with a weaker signal, without losing image quality.

For example, if you have an exam where the questions are on 2-5 pages of A4 paper, in just 1-2 minutes, your helper can take all the topics with just a few pictures. After that, theoretically you don’t need the camera anymore. Only audio for receive back right answer for the questions.

The same is true if the questions are on an LCD monitor on the computer. Your helper will get more eazy and more fast topics.

Real images from some of our clients!

But unfortunately this method can be used only if the duration of the exam is longer than an hour. That’s because if you have many questions in many pagest (20-40 papers or images on LCD computer screen), sending many pictures requires time. So for short exams it is recommended to use the live video streaming method.

High Quality Images


The i-Cheat S3 Pro cheating camera for exam is capable of sending to your helper high quality live video streaming image as well as high resolution 4K pictures.  The images have very good quality due to the fact that the i-Cheat S3 cheating camera uses high-performance optical sensors.

Autofocus Function

The i-Cheat S3 Pro is the only camera in the world that has autofocus lens. Inside the button is a self-calibrating lens. Depending on the distance between the A4 sheet ( or LCD monitor) and the button camera, the lens will adjust itself and your helper will always receive very clear images.

This function is very important. If your camera has this function, you can keep the camera at any distance (between 10 cm – 1 meter ) from the A4 sheet or LCD Monitor.

The camera will automatically adjust its sharpness by moving lens from inside the button. So your helper will always receive clear images, no matter how far you keep the camera from the A4 sheet or the LCD screen monitor.

You don’t have to move the camera too fast to give the lens time to autofocus. Usually the camera adjusts automatically once every 2-3 seconds. So if you move the camera too fast, it won’t keep up with your movement.

For the rest of the cheating cameras that come only with fixed focus, you have to keep the camera in front of the A4 sheet or the LCD screen monitor, always at the same distance for which the button lens was adjusted before the exam, otherwise the received images will be blurry.

Two type of optical sensors

The i-Cheat s3 Pro cheating camera for exam can come in 3 way: with 5 mpx camera sensor, with 8mp camera sensor or a kit with both camera. Before adding the product to your shopping cart, you can select which model you want.

8 Megapixels Button camera

It is the best-selling model because the quality of the images it sends is very good. The camera is very stable in operation. It can be easily fitted by replacing a button on your blouse, either on the sleeve or on the chest.

The i-Cheat S3 Pro mini button cheating camera for exam has only 2 cm wide x 4 cm long and 0.5 cm thick!

Cheating Camera for exam i cheat s3
Invisible Cheating camera for exam 2
Invisible Cheating camera for exam 6
Invisible Cheating camera for exam 10

5 Megapixels Button camera

If you think that the 8 Megapixels camera is still too big to wear on the sleeve of the blouse, you can choose this camera model.

This is the smallest cheating camera in the world. It also has autofocus function and can send high quality images.

This model of i-Cheat S3 Pro mini button cheating camera for exam has only 2 cm wide x 2 cm long and 0.5 cm thick!

Mini button cheating camera 2
Invisible Cheating camera for exam 3

Both 5 and 8 Megapixel cameras

If you want, you can choose a complete kit with both cameras. This way you can put the first camera on the sleeve of the blouse and the second camera on the chest. Your helper will be able to see from different angles and has a chance to get the necessary information more faster and easier.

After many buyers have used these cheating cameras for exam, it has been shown that one button camera is enough to do your job successfully.

Mini button cheating camera 1
From our experience with customers we advise you to choose the 8 megapixel camera. The price is the same, but the 8 Megapixel model sends slightly higher quality images.

Special cheating camera for Arabic clothes

If for the rest of the world, the button camera can be used without problems, for the Arab countries it is more difficult due to the traditional clothes. Our team has made special changes to the cheating camera, so that this type of device can be used for Arab countries.

For this purpose, the color of the cheating camera for exam has been changed to white and black button is remuved. The color of the battery has also changed to white and of course the wire between the camera and the battery is also white.

i-Cheat S3 button camera

Dedicated application

i-Control LST Pro 3-5

Your helper only need to install a application. With this app, your helper can remotly control your camera: can macke a gsm networck test, can put sistem in standby, can reboot camera, can start live video streamming or can tacke many 4k pictures. This app is free and he come inside package.

It is a special application created to be as easy to use as possible. In the application you will find only the buttons you need, without complicated menus and unnecessary functions. The application is free and you will receive it in the package with the product. Can be installed on any laptop or desktop computer that has Windows installed.

I-Control application
  1. Gallery Pictures Button
  2. Take 4k Picture Button
  3. Take Screen Shot Button for live video
  4. Video Record Button for live video
  5. Start/Stop Toggle Button Live Video Streaming
  6. 12 Level quality selection bar for Video
  7. Start/Stop Toggle Button Live Audio Streaming
  8. Volume for audio 10% -100%
  9. Power Button: reboot camera, LogOut from app

App Compatibility

The i-Control Pro app cannot be installed on Android or IOS mobile devices. No application was created for mobile devices because our tests showed that on mobile devices the screen is small, so your helper will see the topics more harder.

The person helping you can be anywhere in the world, even in another country. All he needs is a laptop or a PC with a stable internet connection. As the screen is larger on laptop / PC, your helper will see the topics easier and faster. In addition, can search on the internet or in pdf documents for send you the right answers more easily and faster.

Usually, ordinary cameras made in China only have an application for mobile devices, not for Laptop / PC. This is because these Chinese cameras are usually designed for completely different purposes.

If you really need a button camera that only works on mobile devices with Android and IOS, you can find it here i-Cheat S3 Lite, but its quality is a little lower.

Long battery life

Battery 100

The camera is so small that it does not fit a battery that provides sufficient autonomy. That’s why the battery is separate from the camera. The only wire that exists in this system is the one between the button camera and the battery.

The standard battery is only 1 cm thick, 4 cm wide and 5 cm long. The wire between the camera and the battery is about 1 meter long, so you can eazy hide the battery wherever you want on the body, under the clothes. This battery can provide up to 5 hours of battery life, after which you need to recharge it.

The battery is connected to the camera with Micro USB connector. So, if you need more autonomy, you can use any portable battery for charge your mobile phones.

Battery we offer from us is specially modified to be as easy to hide as possible: it is much smaller than the batteries in the market and the wire between the camera and the battery is much thinner and more flexible.

Our battery has 5000 mAh and offers up to 5 hours of battery life, which should be enough for 99% of exams.

Very Thin cable​ on your body

The cable is very thin. It has a silicone protection and thus is very flexible but also considerably resistant. You can pull it as hard as you can: you will cut your hand and it will not break. The MicroUSB jack is also modified and has a size 4 times smaller.

In order to see the difference between a regular cable and our cable, we took a picture with them side by side.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, but all these little details put together make the whole system easier to use and can make a difference between success and failure.

Thin cable cheating camera for exam
Invisible Cheating camera for exam 5

Emergency Shutdown Button


This button can be extremely useful. In just a second you can eazy shutting down the system. Then press once more and everything will reconnect automatically!

For example, this button is very useful if it comes with a detector. Usually this detector is not turned on all the time, it is only used at the beginning and someone can walk around the halls. It is worth mentioning that the detector can give an alarm that it has found something only if it is closer to 3-5 meters from you.

The detector is big and when the supervisor enters the room with it in his hand you will be able to see it. you have enough time to shut down the system. Once closed, the system can only be detected with metal detectors: that palette that walks it very close to your body or with gates like at the airport.

The button is on the Battery body, and the Battery is placed in the specially cover designed for the i-Cheat S3 camera. The cover can be placed on the left or right arm. Thus with a simple gesture (you make yourself scratch a little) and in just one second you can turn off the system.

You can start it later by simply pressing the emergency button once more through the clothes. You don’t have to do anything else, everything is automatic and the application will automatically reconnect to your cheating camera in just 2-3 minutes.

Emergency turn on/off button

1 – Emergency button    2 – Type C Battery Charging Connector

Special attachment strap to easy attach and hidden battery


The i-Cheat S3 Pro cheating camera for exam comes with a special cover that you can easily put on your left or right arm. It has two adjustable size straps to fit both thinner and thicker hands.

Although it doesn’t seem useful, this button can be extremely useful. The i-Cheat S3 is the only cheating camera for exam that has this button. It can be extremely useful when supervisors it comes to a detector.

This cover is very useful because it allows you to hold the camera battery on your body without having to stick with plastic tape or medical patches. If you sweat there is a real chance that the plastic tape will come off and the battery will fall on the floor during the exam.

In addition, using this case, the system is much better located, you no longer have cables attached to the abdomen and you have a much better chance of going unnoticed with the system in case a body check is made.

special attachment strap to easy attach and hidden battery

How Share Internet to the Camera

There is no distance limit, the helper person can stay at any distance from you: even in another country 10 000 km away from you. For this to be possible, the camera needs internet access. The camera can connect via WiFi 2.4Ghz to an internet network. You have two methods to share internet to the button camera:

  • You can use your personal Phone – Hotspot Function
  • You can buy from our company or can buy from your local Marcket a mini WiFi 4G LTE Box.

Regardless of which method you choose to connect the Button Video Camera to the Internet, the performance is the same for camera. The only difference would be that the mini Router is smaller in size, it can be hidden more easily and very importantly there is NO possibility of being called during use. So it has nothing to sound and nothing to hear during use.

In addition, our mini Router comes ready-set: just insert any regular SIM card and turn it On. If you choose to use your phone with the hotspot function or if you choose to buy a mini 4G Router from your local market, you will have to set them with a specific WiFi name and a specific password (you will receive them in the instructions for using the product) which camera knows how to connect.  Our Mini Router also comes set with a hidden wifi network: only the camera will see it and connect to it, anyone who searches for Wifi networks will find nothing!

Important Information!

It is not recommended to choose a camera where the SIM card can be inserted directly because there is a rather high risk that your SIM card will not be recognized. This is because each GSM Telephone Company uses SIM cards, GSM Networks, Internet settings that are different from one country to another. That is why it is recommended to use your own mobile phone to be sure that it works, or you can buy yourself any mini Wifi Router from your local market.

Optionally, you can purchase from us a mini 4G LTE Huawei E5576 Router. It comes ready set by us and has a specially modified software version to be compatible with all GSM SIM Card operators around the world, except the USA and Canada. For US and Canada buyers, we recommend using your own mobile phone or purchasing any 4G LTE mini router from the local market.


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