Mini Button Camera To Cheat On Exam PX-700 Pro Xtreme


Mini Video Camera in Button for cheating on important and demanding exams, capable of transmitting LIVE images with the topics, both from a sheet of paper and from a LCD monitor. It is the latest model and the most advanced video camera system for cheating on exams, and is part of the professional product range.

Transmits LIVE Images without distance limit

PX-700 uses Deprecated Technology -is Old model! Ceck new model here:

i-Cheat 4K cheating Camera

     – Battery life ~ 3 h
     – Small size – easy to hide
     – Transmits images with yours topics in Real Time
     – The person who receives the images can stay at any distance, even in another country



It is the newest mini video camera for cheating on exams occurred on the market, it is part of the professional product range. Combining state-of-the-art technologies, this camera is capable of delivering very clear LIVE images, both on a sheet of paper and on an LCD monitor. The person who receives the images does NOT have to stay near the building where the video camera is.

The camera transmits very clear LIVE images without having a distance limit as in the previous models. The person who receives the pictures can sit comfortably at home, so he/she can be in any location in any city, village and even in another country provided he or she has a laptop, tablet or mobile phone that has Internet access. For can see clear distances betwin camera and A4 paper or LCD Monitor need to be around 20 cm.

Button Camera Cheat Exam
Cheating camera for exams/test

How does this professional cheating on exam system work?

The PX-700 range is much simpler to use than classic models that transmit up to 1000 m away. On the body you have one very thin wire that leads to the micro camera in the button and the battery is integrated. Practically the camera connects via WiFi to the mobile phone (any smartphone brand and model), and transmits LIVE images over the internet. The connection is private, and in no way will anyone else ever be able to see the pictures! The person who receives the topics can sit comfortably at home, only needs a laptop, PC, tablet or cell phone connected to the internet. Images are received using a program that you receive in the parcel. The program is an ordinary one, it is installed at the beginning, it is configured very simply and quickly. Once configured, the person who enters the exam only needs to start the camera before entering the exam room and the home help needs to start the program and the images are automatically received.

     The person from the exam room has with him/her: the PX-700 mini camera and a mobile phone (a small phone is recommended)

     The person who receives the images: any Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone connected to the Internet

The phone has the role of taking pictures from the micro-camera and transmitting them over the internet. There is no wire between the PX-700 camera and the mobile phone (they communicate wirelessly) so you can hide your mobile phone with you or you can leave it in a purse, map, jacket in the hanger, outside on the sill, anywhere but not more than 20-30 meters from the PX-700 mini camera.

 You can use any brand and any smartphone model from any mobile phone network. You must have activated an internet option of 1-2 Gb that is sufficient for 2-3 hours of LIVE transmission. You will leave the phone on a silent mode, turn off all the beeps and vibrations, and if someone calls you during the exam, it will not bother you with anything, you will not get caught.

The access with mobile phones in the exam room is not allowed, but nobody controls you unless you look suspicious (you are a more emotional personality… you blush, you panic … you start talking during the exam, etc). Hiding a cell phone somewhere with you is not a big problem.

Advantages of PX-700:

     – sends LIVE images to any location on the globe that has Internet access with MAXIMUM 1-2 seconds delay!
     – You can receive images on your PC or laptop as well as on any phone or tablet in any corner of the world with Internet access
     – the home help can record a video or take pictures without the need for the person in the exam room to press on any button
     – if the Internet speed allows for this, the images can be received by 2-3 people from different locations, simultaneously (2-3 people may gather for a camera to be cheaper) – it has some peculiarities, ask for details on the phone!
     – High-density SONY LiPo rechargeable battery of high density integrated in the mini camera that offers up to 3 hours of autonomy
     – the whole assembly is very thin (~ 1cm) and can be very easily hidden

The package includes

  • PX-700 mini camera
  • xchange buttons identical with the camera
  • Battery charging Micro USB Cable
  • Very detailed User Manual
  • Warranty Certificate

This mini device is just to send Live the topics and has no audio included. In order to receive the answers, you also need a wireless headset system that is purchased separately. Choose one from her


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