Battery SR416SW for Spy Earpieces

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The SR416SW 337 is a small-sized battery that is used for both hand watches and for mini wireless spy earpiece MC-2500. It’s an Original battery made in Japan with silver oxide that gives you better autonomy.

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An Original Battery SR416SW for Spy Earpiece provides up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

The battery starts to consume once you plugged into the spy earpiece, even if you DO NOT use the system. It is consumed slower but it is consumed. This is why it is recommended that the battery be placed in the mini wireless spy earpiece before entering the building where the exam is taken.

Battery SR416SW for Spy Earpiece

The minimum quantity what you can buy is one set with 10 battery inside. Usual, for safety reasons, is recomandated to use oane battery for each exam. In order to operate the mini spy earpiece, it is necessary to insert a single battery. A single battery provides to the mini wireless spy earpiece, up to 5 hours of operation. After you need to replace the battery.

Package box contains

10 x Original 337 Battery SR416SW for Spy Earpieces


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