How students use tech to cheat?

Information is nowadays more accesible thanks to expanding digital networks. And that includes the main methods a student use to cheat on an exam. Now, all students who want to cheat on an exam need to do is going on YouTube and watch thousands of tutorials concerning the means in which a student can smuggle … Read more

Top 13 innovative ways of cheating in exams

Button Camera Cheat Exam

Exams had always acted as terror when we are unprepared. Plus, after every semester we end up promising ourselves that we will work har for the next one. So, all the students out there should know about these cool ways in cheating in the exams.    The eraser. You can use the flat pattern of … Read more

How to Pass Exams wichout Preparation?

Now-a-days going to colleges is becoming a very expensive and painful for everyone. The colleges take tons of dollars from you to give you a degree. Your parents or you, yourself are burdened under the weight of the fees which you have to pay to the college for education. Even after arranging the money, you … Read more

How to choose the best cheating camera on exams?

Mini Button Cheating camera

If you have considered buying a video camera for cheating it means you have to take an important exam. At the most important exams the requirement of the supervisors is higher. If we talk about a competition for a job then it is added that those who will be sitting next to you during the … Read more

Invisible earpiece with camera for cheating – advice

Invisible spy earpiece for cheating

     Choosing a invisible earpiece with camera for cheating on exam to ensure your chances of success can be a real challenge. In the market there are all kinds of systems where the sellers use carefully made descriptions and that promise guaranteed success. Many times, however, descriptions are taken with copy / paste from … Read more

How to use Gsm Box with Neckloop and Megntic mini Invisible Earpiece;

     Gsm Box with megntic mini invisible earpiece is a Perfect 2 way covert communication tool via mobile phone network. This little box has the size of a matchbox, which means you can easily hide it under your clothes. The auto answer feature means that Gsm Box will automatically pick up calls from any mobile … Read more

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