Invisible Spy Earpiece and mini Button Camera for cheating on exam/test

Most advanced invisible spy earpiece for cheating on exam and test. Cheat on tests or on exams using undetectable invisible wireless earpiece, covert earpiece, mini headset. Professional hidden button cheating camera for exam made in Europe, high quality at the lowest prices.

Professional Devices for Cheating on Exams

Our products differ from the rest of the cheating devices on the market! They are developed to be as small as possible and to have as few cables as possible on the body.

This greatly reduces the chances of being caught cheating on the exam. Both you and your helper will be less stressed during the exam, and the chances of passing the exam successfully, wichout be caught are much higher.

Quick Start Guide on YouTube

Our products are designed to have as few cables on the body as possible, to be as efficient as possible and as easy to use as possible.

We have a Youtube channel where you can find for all products quick start guide in video format.

Live Support on Whatsapp

Through whatsapp we are near by you! We can help you if necessary by Audio or Video call, to install and use the received product.

You can use support service by whatsapp for any problem you have(in English or Romanian language).


Live Demonstrations

To remove any doubt and to convince you of the performance of our mini button cameras, we can test a product together before buying it! For example, wherever you are, you can connect to a mini button camera located in Romania and test how it works.

You can see that wherever you are now, you will receive Live images from Romania with 1-2 sec delay. You can also test how the writing looks on both an A4 sheet and a LCD Computer screen, at a distance of 0.2 to one meter from the button camera.

We are the only ones who agree to do live tests with customers before paying !! That’s because we have no emotions:

We have the best cheating camera for exam!

Cheating Camera for exam i cheat s3

New 2022 Cheating Camera for Exam

The newest model 2022! It is the smallest hidden button cheating camera for exams. It is only 2x4x0.5 cm and you only have one cable on your body.

The new series of i-Cheat S3 cheating cameras for exams can transmit both live video images and very high quality 4K pictures.

Processing unit integrated in button camera

I-cheat S3 is the only camera that has the processing unit integrated inside the button camera.

Thanks to the latest technologies that are integrated in this small device, the dimensions have been greatly reduced and thus the processing unit is integrated inside the button camera.

All regular cameras have a separate video processing box.

Only one cable on your body

The button camera is very small. It does not have enough space inside to put a battery that can provide enough autonomy. In order to be able to use the camera even for the exams that last 4 hours, an external battery is used.

So basically the only one cable that exists in this cheating device is the one between the button camera and the battery.

Large battery life with a single charging

The i-Cheat s3 camera have a usual micro USB connector. So the camera can be powered by any regular portable external battery (power bank). But regular batteries on the market are large, the power cord is thick, so it’s hard to hide.

That’s why we offer a specially modified battery: it’s very small and the power cord is very thin. With the battery received from us, you have up to 5 hours of autonomy.

i-Cheat S3 can send 4K high Quality Pictures​

Your helper can take a screenshot on every second or take a 4k photo every 10-20 seconds. The quality differences between a screenshot and a 4k picture are huge. The 4k picture is similar to pictures made with camera from a smart phone.

Your helper can take both a screenshot and a 4k picture from a distance, you don’t have to press any button in the exam room.

Video Streaming with 1-2 sec Delay

Your helper can receive video images from exam room in real time with 1-2 seconds delay. The i-Cheat s3 works on multiple Amazon servers across multiple continents.

Usual cheating camera for exam use only one server from China. So video images go first from you to China, and after from China back to your helper. This process request around 4-8 seconds.

That’s why our cheating camera for exam have the lowest possible delay.

No distance limit

Your helper can be at any distance from you, even in another country. All it takes is a phone, a desktop PC/laptop and a stable internet connection. is the largest profile site that delivers professional systems for discrete communication to customers around the world. You can vizit and casca de copiat online store from Romania! The company was founded in 2004 in the Romania by two highly experienced telecoms engineers after learning the story of a frustrated student struggling against one of the walls of our education system.

In the first years of activity, the company has been operating locally, and in the coming years, due to the high demand for our systems, the activity is to expand internationally.

Invisible Spy Wireless Earpiece

The new model MC-2500 is the smallest earpiece for cheating on exam/test. Earpiece cannot be seen in your ear. In addition, the new model of earpiece is completely painted in the color of the skin, which makes it even harder to notice in the ear.

Depending on the device model you choose, using the MC-2500 earpiece, you don’t have to wear a necklace around your neck!

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